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  1. 1) ATC only allows 32R departures for KLIA2 if condition permits. The onus is on them. Unprofessional working culture is a very harsh word. 2) Can you mention any instances where 32R and 32L are closed for an extended period of time (like for months?). 33 is undergoing its second major repair work since in service.
  2. I thought the whole bane of Mavcoms existence is to do just that ? Does that mean they have failed?
  3. My shiny behind KLIA2 was not affected.
  4. Small price to pay for convenience. Sometimes its a PITA to get to the famous money changers of Malaysia!
  5. I've used the card for foreign currency withdrawals with very good rates. Saves me the hassle of changing money in the mall.
  6. He's probably eyeing for O'Leary's role, not happening so BYE
  7. They kinda look the same to me, maybe with different upholstery. A far cry from what BI / TK has, as these seats dont go fully flat.
  8. Finally flatbed on the route. That will give SQ a run for their money.
  9. Not to be all doom and gloom but I find KLIA a very pleasant airport to transit/depart/arrive from with no checked baggage. There's almost hardly a queue for Malaysian citizens at the immigration, I can be from aircraft to landside in less than 10 minutes.
  10. Do allocate extra time for you to get to the Midfield Terminal as MH departs from there. Long trek if you're visiting The Pier
  11. I've seen malindo hand carry only fares recently too.
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