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  1. Just want to ask. 1. What is the intention of Customs screen all pax for at KLIA? Is it for tax purpose? 2. Does other International airport "BKI,KCH,PEN,etc..." have the first screening process at those airport?
  2. This is what I had experience on my last week flight from KUL-BKI. It state that if people who are travel not with the same itinerary a computer system will be use to free assign seat for the pax. So same itinerary will be assign by computer to seat together but if pax been check in early. So the first leg from KUL-BKI. My itinerary was brought different from my brother, but lucky the flight is not full so we ask the check in counter to help us put seat together and "wa la" we been assign seat together. Next flight from BKI-KUL Itinerary brought together so when check in at BKI, the check in staff assign the seat together. So no problem! So what to do when system change is travel to airport early and check in early. DO REMIND THEM YOU ARE NOT TRAVEL ALONE AND ASK FOR SEAT ASSIGN TOGATHER. The chance of assign seat together will be much higher.
  3. Can wait for CNY return home town to try those new concept peanuts.
  4. For Air Asia case I don't know about it cause my company not been approach by Air Asia yet. Sorry. My guess... DCA? Since air service is been handle by them.
  5. You are welcome. Knowledge’s are for sharing.
  6. OK let me give you and idea what Big Tree charge for the Train it self. The fact is base on their presentation of one of their rep in my company about 3 months ago. 1. How much a company need pay for such an advert be put inside and/or outside for a train?? Answer. The price for both kelana Jaya Line and Ampang Line are the same. But both have difference place to stick the sticker on their train. The price that been mention is base on 1 train advertisement plan. For Kelana Jaya line, the price include interior and exterior as Kelana Line train only have 2 coaches and for Ampang Line there is 4 coaches. For Kelana Line there are 24 place to place advertisements in a single train. Ampang Line has 18 for interior and 54 with exterior and price which customer can choose base on the price to place interior or exterior or place both and pay twice the amount. OK pricing structures are base on 6 month contract. Media Rental = 100K, GST5%= 4.5K, Production cost = RM100K, Total RM204K. 2. How long duration for the advert??it is base on contract?? Answer I had mention it is base on contract. The shorter the contract the more their customer need to pay. Base on customer needs. But do mine that the production cost will not be justify if a customer place for 1 month campaign. So they might place at lease 3 months to justify the cost of the productions. 3. How long it take for workers to compete paste all the advert?? Answer. In weeks time they should able to compete. But all are subject to many rules and regulation as you needs to summit production pictures to SPNB, town board (DBKL), Malaysian regulator for advertisement and etc... Hope this clear the questions.
  7. Leo

    Air Asia

    If only I where part of the reporter that able to be part of the hand over for will be enough for me as those flight have more meaning then a regular flight because they only come in once. BTW how to change the topic?
  8. Leo

    Air Asia

    Majala 3 Now air the hand over of Air Asia X First A330 now today 15th November 2008 9:30. Watch it!!! Sorry for the wrong spell in the topic.
  9. Nothing is free. There are sure some fees that been charge for this service. How much is the fees we still don't know. I would say wait and see for the price detail.
  10. Air Asia is going too much. World crude oil price just drop below $100 mark to $96. But seem to be Air Asia is still playing game with pax saying "this and that". Don't they know people in Malaysia have good communication system that tell people price have drop for oil!!!
  11. Use shokubutsu shower soup.... hehehe solve the problem
  12. Leo

    BKI Spotting V2

    Wow in 2 days time I will be using it. Yeah... Yeah different country stand on different side. Malaysian and Singaporean stand on the left while HK people stand on the right. Btw I dont't think BKI will have that high people traffic at the moment so stand which side also whould not block people.
  13. This is what I call fare for all. As what other company advertise using the word "FROM" is a misleading. This mean alot to consumer as no point going over to a travel fair to make compare where hiddent charge had big difference in comparing the final fare for the ticket. People walk walk around and ask for price that might come out difference and exhibitor been always say "don't you know how to look at signboard!" Normal people want the final fare and not the fare "FROM".
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