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  1. Bottom line is that Khazanah should sell off MAS using the model that we saw for Proton. No more management interference from the govt. and let the management run the business like a proper business and not as a civil service. Aviation is an international business and MAS must be able to compete at the international level. Otherwise, close it down and the problem will be solved.
  2. Manila Airport has good traffic management. Dunno why KLIA find it so difficult!
  3. That was a govt. initiative - they recognised that the irrational competition must end. They forced the two companies to merge through the share swap. However, I don't think the very different corporate cultures can ever work with each other unless one party is overwhelmingly in control. They staff of both companies must be told to "do or die" - their jobs are at stake and if the the merger fails, then none of them will have a job.
  4. That is why the govt. is not impressed by the offers - they are all predatory in nature.
  5. Yes, they want some pingback from the public to see what they think of it. Well, none of the proposals look that great.
  6. Khazanah (like Mavcom) was only concerned about overcapacity. They believe that a merger between MAG and AAG would cut capacity. But it is not their job to do so - capacity should be left to the market to regulate.
  7. What strikes me most about all the above proposals is how much they are designed to only benefit the proposers. Nothing much has been proposed on how to make MAS the golden airline that it once was again. The plans all deal with what they want to do with parts of MAS, not the whole entity.
  8. According to one of the reports you linked, MH will become MY and will be a premium carrier with its branding in blue. AK will remain as red. D7 would be no more.
  9. I agree that Khazanah are rubbish - they don't have the kind of commitment to change MH as and owner using their own money. Accountability is not a strong point. That is why the old man did not have much confidence in the body he chairs! I think JAL is the PM's preferred route but he forgets he needs another behemoth, MAHB, to work properly to build that too. CAG has been exceptional in building SIN as a regional hub and the best airport in the world. Can MAHB step up to that level? Can it work with its airline customers to achieve that vision? So even with JAL, there are still risks because they do not intend to be part of the core management of MAG. Khazanah (whom we don't have much faith in) will still be a 75% shareholder. As a plane spotter, I like the idea of AF/KLM restoring KUL as an MRO hub. Those good old days of MAS Engineering at Subang were very nice for plane spotters! With this proposal, the PM will get what he always championed for - to put engineering skills in the forefront of Malaysians. Together with Airbus' Sepang Aircraft Engineering, KUL can really become a major MRO hub. However, where does that leave MH? We don't know much about AF/KLM's plans for the airline.
  10. Isn't that RM 1.4bn what Khazanah needs to fork out to keep MH operational? Does it mean that if there is a merger, MH will no longer come with a begging bowl every year?
  11. I was giving a lot of thought to the JAL involvement - it looks like a slight extension to their JV with MH. So, I don't think we can expect too much from this except that JAL has greater control of the JV. AAG should have learnt their lesson from the previous merger but they are a sucker for punishment, aren't they? However, we have seen how a basket case like Proton can be turned around given the new owner's commitment to make things work. For AAG, it looks like a defensive move - it is better they take command of MH than let someone else do it and make MH a fierce competitor to AK. At the end of the day, I do wonder how all these moves will affect consumer choice and consumer protection. An enlarged AAG is potentially not good for the consumer.
  12. Yes, A333 leases will begin to expire and they can leave without penalties. A339s can take over the AKL route that A332s will leave behind. Project Amal are still awaiting their own AOC - so maybe Khazanah can set it up as a standalone charter operation as it is unlikely to be able to sell off the A380s.
  13. Don't understand why report said A332s have different engines. They all use the same P&W engines. Report also did not mention what will become of the MASkargo and MRO units.
  14. JAL has already denied that they are interested. See: https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2019/10/28/japan-airlines-denies-report-it-bid-for-malaysia-airlines-stake
  15. I think they are probably relieved they don't have to do the financing for the MAX yet, due to the Boeing delays. They have no funds for any new aircraft. As for B738NG leases, prices may be high as there is a shortage due to high demand caused by the MAX grounding.
  16. I think it isn't the age of the plane that is important to them - it is the age of the leases. Some aircraft leases will expire soon and need to be either extended or terminated. So they need to make a decision based on when new aircraft will be delivered. The problem for MH is that Boeing cannot say when deliveries will resume and when MH's orders will be fulfilled. There is lots of uncertainty. It is also an opportunity for MH to review the order and postpone it until new owners are found. Boeing are in default and there should be no penalties for this suspension of deliveries.
  17. Malaysia Airlines suspends Boeing 737 MAX deliveries due to jet's grounding Report: https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-boeing-737-max-malaysia/malaysia-airlines-suspends-boeing-737-max-deliveries-due-to-jets-grounding-idUKKBN1ZE07G So we won't be seeing the MAX in MH colours in 2020....
  18. I think you are right - all the factory fresh A321NXs will go to the Malaysian and Thai units as they need them the most. They will then return surplus A320s for redistribution to the other group airlines.
  19. As far as fares are concerned, yes it is ex-KUL but my point of view is from a KL based traveller.
  20. For those who are interested, here is the fleet plan for Airasia Group that is published in November 2019.
  21. 1MDB sucked a lot of money out of our coffers and the whole of Mindef is affected, just like other ministries. So who should be prioritized?
  22. I also saw it and the ADS-B transponder was on for a few days. Maybe another West Star acquisition?
  23. Sorry, but I can't say that I agree that MH is a premium carrier. It's product and service standards are below full service airlines like CX, whose fares are lower! AirAsia isn't even in a race with it - to the bottom it certainly isn't heading! My last 5 hr flight with D7 was a better experience than my last similar flight with MH - and at a significantly lower cost. That is one of the reasons why MH failed to turnaround. I fly MH not out of choice but in the belief that things are improving. I do that about once a year. Sad to say, I have not experienced much improvement and MH is headed into oblivion as it slips down the world's airline rankings every year. So, so sad!
  24. Talks underway to replace Nuri helicopters, says defence minister KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 10 ― The Defence Ministry is in discussion to identify new assets to replace the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) Nuri helicopters, which services had been discontinued. Defence Minister Mohamad Sabu said talks were still at the ministry level, and once concluded, proposals for the new assets will presented to the Cabinet. “Suggestions for the Nuri replacement are still in discussions at the ministry level and will be later presented to the Cabinet. “We (Defence Ministry) have the allocations and for the initial stage, possibly (helicopter operations) through lease,” he told reporters at the launch of a charity sale collaboration between the Malaysian Armed Forces Veterans Foundation and bubble tea operator Chatime in conjunction with the Warriors Fund 2019 campaign here today. More here: https://www.malaymail.com/news/malaysia/2020/01/10/talks-underway-to-replace-nuri-helicopters-says-defence-minister/1826806
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