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  1. Tbh - the layout is ok - but the second satellite plans in their original form would make it a bit messy.. but if they were to redesign the sections between the two satellite terminals and integrate them (including "rejigging" the standalone Aerotrain Maintenance Building), they could make it work with even more gates on the Southern side (narrowbodies/MARS). The current airside access way and roundabout may need to be sunk a little further to permit building/apron operations atop - but doable. Only consideration/issue is where the existing fuel line infrastructure resides in the sub-soil. And ofcourse, unlike T2, they should not stinge on the Rigid Pavement for aircraft stands/aprons.
  2. Seems VVA is returning to AirAsiaX... https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2023/12/06/aax-streamlines-fleet
  3. The belly also has a stunning logo, with title.
  4. Good to see the fleet developing. I believe there might also be some "Azul" A350s up for grabs from Brazil.
  5. Would perhaps be a little too simplistic of my assuming - but given that the current Aerotrains operate on a wheel based (not railed system) platform, would a temporary use of these devices (modified perhaps by way of ensuring the platforms may accommodate the train rather than vice-versa) to temporarily run on one (or both) of the aerotrain lines to keep the service running conveniently.. but at least in my thoughts, it seems more plausible/realistic having such a service ready perhaps even by year end as oppose to the end-2024 projections for the new line - and would be some degree of respite for the airport and passenger/customer feel alike.
  6. Just flew out of T2... apart from the departure hall and arrival hall... the Airside duty-free and amenity level is still very much the same as before - ZERO CHANGE - probably why they opening 18 months "ahead of schedule" as I recall the ENTIRE terminal was supposed to be refreshed in phases originally... Lots of hoardings around the shops with some outlet refreshing for sure. Ceiling panels in some areas changed, others not. Carpet change in some areas, mainly not. All lounges are the same as pre-pandemic... The McDonalds and Food-Court on upper level airside area identical. The F52-F60 Pier was IDENTICAL to before the closure.. all gate lounges have the same tired chairs, slightly damp smell and poor natural lighting along the travellators. Notably, F60 (CIP/VIP gate) has a lick of paint and fresh new carpeting plus some pot plants along the connecting pier. I did notice at the walkway towards F31-F47, there is a new structure built - not sure if this is ahead of possible demolition of the F42-F47 (& similarly E Finger Pier) gates to permit a double parallel taxiway, which is currently missing from T2 side.
  7. Just tried the new J class and Y class seats to and fro BKI respectively. I know there are comments here that don't favour - but tbh - I really found them quite good. More space and better comfort in the lower back area. Direct comparison with EY Seats on SIN-KUL vv sectors. Old seats are crammed and feel claustrophobic. New seats in EY could still definitely have used an adjustable head rest though - that I will agree. I'm 6ft 2 btw.
  8. This is why although our passport is certified as ePassport - we can't use the e-Gates in Australia - because they need to have the Surname/Family Name separate from the First/Given Names. This is the format that most other countries use - and actually the individuals name on the Biodata page is listed under Family Name/Surname: Kennedy Given Names: John Fitzgerald In Malaysian context; simply - Name: John Fitzgerald Kennedy So all the time ETA and e-Passport gates in other countries kelang kabut and we can't use despite the convenience.
  9. https://simpleflying.com/qatar-airways-brisbane-australia/ for context..
  10. Perhaps in the case of BNE, new collaboration with a partner like QR who might shift their metal DOH-KUL-BNE vv instead.. rumour was heard that this capacity shift and augmentation might occur.. currently QR operates 1* daily to BNE from DOH.
  11. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-11-10/malaysia-airlines-is-considering-doubling-boeing-737-max-order
  12. Long long since I posted anything. Nice subtle hint of a new variation of the Wau on the Tail? I know people will yell, scream, rant and rave "inconsistent branding" - but not bad la :) The industry faces headwinds in the coming months and a tapered growth plan, without over-stating plans and ambitions that would otherwise later to have to be shelved/KIV'd, I think the measured pace at which MH is unravelling itself from seemingly years of "uncertainty" is admirable, respectful and reflective of its foundation years. When people talk about SQ vs MH.. yup - there are differences - but respectively, and from the anecdotes and tales of past.. the "Hare" can always end up being stunned by the "Tortoise/Turtle" at the finish line. 😉
  13. When the truth is uncovered regarding the financing affairs of a particular startup JV in the country in tandem with on going CCID investigations to embezzlement and corruption.. everyone can fly with the one LCC..
  14. Lotsa hi-speed tape for that fix!
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