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  1. When the truth is uncovered regarding the financing affairs of a particular startup JV in the country in tandem with on going CCID investigations to embezzlement and corruption.. everyone can fly with the one LCC..
  2. Lotsa hi-speed tape for that fix!
  3. BNE Operational requirement calls for the covers to be removed 20 mins prior pushback.. most flight crew walkarounds are completed approximately 40-30 mins ahead of departure
  4. With the space and facilities available at WMKK, it is silly to invest so much capital in an all new facility just because of state economics.. persons from NS would still be able to work at the facility given its proximity.. And ZSPD is home to COMAC, so major international airports can too be manufacturing hubs.
  5. Congrats to a long term MWings member who had the honour and privilege to perform this maiden journey! Well done bro!
  6. Soon 787-10 will appear in the GDS... reckon 118/119 will be nominated during fleet ramp up.
  7. I think you seriously need to reconsider that last statement... what kind of a fool are you to draw such a comparison?
  8. Ah yes, but such farcical antics are but the bread and butter of said national carrier - especially given that said nations aviation regulator had been blindsided by the semi-premium/half-LCD indeterminate breed carriers farcical fleet planning in a year that the international organization of aviation is conducting an oversight review of said nations aviation system that could, should said review be of negative outcome, result in adverse consequences for future fleet acquisitions of the original aforementioned national carrier as a result of restrictions similar to that of a neighboring nation to the said nation in question. Alas - I conjure bullshit arguments for pure entertainment nowadays for it is known to release the inner keyboard warrior responses. Let such flow, now. By the way. On a separate note, such administration of airlines should be carefully reviewed and studied to understand the wider implications of the extensive cost pressures upon airlines resulting from the ever-broadening spectrum of operating business models. Alitalia... Air Berlin... Monarch.. what is happening to Europe is the result of a brewing storm over the last 20-25 years - that seems to be how long it takes for LCCs to completely destabilize their full service compatriots. Who is next? This is coming approximately 16 years after shock-consolidation (9-11 the proverbial nail) and administration in the US industry.. on a trend basis - one could foreshadow a similar instance in the Asia-Pacific in the not-too-distant future, with an erosion of distinction in services amongst the major legacy carriers already apparent; and airlines already venturing into dynamic operating models - departing from traditional business streams whilst trying to buck the trend almost like salmon swimming upstream to spawn... not all are gonna make it past the "bear" market conditions that are inevitable.. and those that do are going to be extremely worn and post flat results for years before the resurgence takes place... and that resurgence is realy hard to predict and understand especially given the violent cyclical nature of the global economy and its sporadic reaction to shock - often knee-jerk as a result of mindless information processing.. Interesting, but somewhat worrying times ahead.. On that note, signing off as an active member from MalaysianWings.com It has been a great number of years - wonderful people met that I shall continue friendships with beyond this forum.. cheers all. Safe landings, always.
  9. Early Max-8 delivery slots available.. wonder if any of these frames will fit into plans at a certain national carrier
  10. That was precisely the point I was raising, Flee - in continuation from my opening "doom and gloom" statement. 2019 now seems to be legit.. and airframe leases can be 1 year or 2 years.. so candidly, one could expect MAB a333/332 leases to be for up to 3 years and then phase out with 789 deliveries.. seems like there is some order in the house. Remember, MH grew phenomenally in the 90s with 6 DC-10s and 10 744s.. fleet right-sizing could be the best way forward for sustainable profitability. As to the US regulations for minimum seat size - you are correct. But that is a US motivation, based on their local market requirements and feedback.. plus size passengers having to purchase two seats etc and a consumer feedback driven economy would do that.. how likely is MAVCoMm to impose similar requirements in Malaysia???
  11. Lots of doom and gloom here... why? Does anybody know the proposed delivery schedule? Has everyone forgotten PB was already talking about long term fleet planing strategy and had hinted at B787 or A330neo/350 order strategy? This was always a flaw in MH in the past - having "out-dated" fleet for key markets.. Has everyone forgotten the look for second hand A330swas purely a short term leasing strategy to boost capacity on high demand route segments and thus optimise the narrow body fleet also by returning some of the leased 738s to lessors? Is it not normal for politicians to use such deals as Grand-standing as a show of trade ties?? Is MAB NOT owned hub Khazanah which would have had to sign off on these purchases in the first place?? Just because it is Najib - sure there is some political mileage he hopes to get out of this.. Are you kidding me that there is no market for the 787 in MH fleet?? And to hear that it is only 8 aircraft first rather than the 30-40 needed long term... sounds like the planners are actually taking advantage of future lease market opportunities rather than putting all the eggs in one basket.. Read between the line guys.. and get used to 9 abreast seating.. in one breath blaming the government for meddling and in the other saying you won't fly because uncomfortable, and yet expect MH to financially perform.. armchair CEOing sure is easy nowadays..
  12. QF already hub through SIN.. much easier for them to return to SIN than start KUL.
  13. That seems to be putting the cart before the horse...
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