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  1. Fantastic shots, Maarof. The Cubana probably brought the Cuban NAM delegation for the conference.
  2. I feel really proud of you guys. Congrats.
  3. PEN: maybe you should check the Mutiara Beach Hotel which is apparently closing down for a refurbishing and was recently offering very competitive rates. It's the top beach hotel in PEN. For RM250, maybe you can try the Holiday Inn, Park Royal and Bayview Beach Hotel all located within the Batu Feringghi beach locality.
  4. Let's hear what our MWingers have to say about automatic collision avoidance (ACA) as proposed by Airbus. I personally would go with the proposal. In my opinion, no human can fly an aircraft as smoothly as the autopilot because of the minor corrections made by an autopilot every few milliseconds. ACA would be able to track the other aircraft from far and predict their location during the critical distance much earlier as well as when the collision is imminent. Of course other parameters such as the ground proximity, high terrain and wind vectors also need to be considered by the system.
  5. Waah, thanks for pointing it out, Pak Brahim.
  6. On the C172, it is the "sense antenna". For VOR reception, there is a "loop antenna" (a metal ring which turns to seek the direction of the signal) below the fuselage and the sense antenna.
  7. What can I say? Really good photography and excellent landing (by FO?). Every landing is an adventure in itself, what more with a large aircraft. Thanks, TK.
  8. I totally agree, Apouy. Love the handling.
  9. Whoa, very intimate shots. Thanks, TK.
  10. Congrats on the Cardigair, Jon. Love those smoking tyres.
  11. Gulfstream V good enough for me :-)
  12. Thanks for sharing, Idham. Hope to see you one day. I have many friends at Transmile Centre (next to D'Nest) but not at the hangar.
  13. Thanks for sharing YC. Any chance of you posting shots at Vantaa?
  14. Jetphotos..who? Aaah don't bother lah. Love your high contrast pics.
  15. Congrats, Maarof. You've caught the anticollision light. It's not often one can catch it.
  16. Attan


    Like any other air force. The pay is lousy but you won't starve. Training is better than any airline can give and you fly almost everyday. You have to pass exams to progress to more sophisticated aircraft e.g. from basic trainer to advanced trainer to weapons conversion to combat flying, etc.. Those who don't do so well end up in choppers or transports. The transport guys usually leave the air force later to join the airlines after passing their ATPL. Those who fail their flying may opt to serve in engineering, logistics, etc. and, if found suitable, sent to study for their degree. Exams and flying tests (see above) There's a quota (something like 50% Bumiputra, 30% Chinese and 20% Others, I'm not sure of the exact figures) for intakes and promotions. In many cases, non--Bumiputeras have been promoted not because they qualify but because there were not enough of them to fill the available quotas. So the less of these people there are, the better their chances.
  17. Anybody knows for sure if there's a shuttle bus from MTB to LCCT at 5.30 a.m.? How long is the ride? Need to catch the 6.55 a.m.flight on Monday
  18. Excellent baby shots, Jon and congrats on your latest contributions to Airliners.net: http://www.airliners.net/open.file/1042454/M/ http://www.airliners.net/open.file/1042455/M/
  19. Yes, it's the SME Aviation-built MD3-160 Aerotiga. SME = Syarikat Malayia Explosives. MD = Max Datwyler, the Swiss designer who sold the design to SME Aviation. A fully aerobatic trainer which I had flown to Indonesia and back in 1996. For reasons unknown to me the production line had shut down for good.
  20. Lovely pics, Sam. Glad you took the time and effort to snap them.
  21. Mucho gracias, Azman, for the Spanair shot. Excellent pics esp the CO shot. Zurich Kloten is certainly my dream airport.
  22. No, Neesern, not me. Still in bed then. Thanks for the very high quality pics esp the Tiara Jacquelina mountain.
  23. Madre mia! Love your Spanair shot and the Helvetic Fokkers. Seth, Alonso's my cousin :-)
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