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  1. KUL-LHR-CPH return, Enrich Miles 61050, tax RM700. And Enrich Miles required is higher because can redemption can be done only via phone. Unrewarding? For me it's rewarding, especially you get seats for the dates that you want to travel! Enrich also has seasonal offers which gives you 20-30% discounts, for instance London is now 20% off . http://www.malaysiaairlines.com/etc/designs/default/canvas/content/campaigns/enrichWorld/english/2015-dwor-feb-apr/jcr%3Acontent/importer/home.html#!/enrich-offers?p=europe-uk&t=text
  2. AA's rates are extremely cheap, but the connection can be quite annoying. Can't believe in 2015 we still haven't fully adopt inflight WIFI. Its the best IFE, IMO. Had enjoyed it immensely when SQ had offered it many, MANY years ago!
  3. In my years with Krisflyer, I never got any redemption seats, save for one or two one-way upgrades. But in my current years with Enrich, all my Enrich miles are spent with redemption booking, and easily so. As a matter of fact, will be on one with MH and then on BA in next few days. So perhaps you can give some examples.
  4. Yeap, KUL-HKG-DFW and beyond, all with AA as the MSC.
  5. MH does have sub par product, especially when compared with their regional competitors. 7th Feb: KUL->HKG (MH 448) 3rd May: HKG->KUL (CX 791) The nasi lemak was had just a spicy taste, whereas the ginger chicken on CX was pretty damn good. Apart from that, the service was a world of difference. I felt like the CX crew's performance was at the level of any business class, at least I felt so. The difference was even more obvious when you can compare them side by side like this. But the worst food on this leg was definitely AA. Appalling service and food through and through. If there's any consolation for MH, they are still better than any American airlines but this is not good enough when you have the likes of SQ and CX.
  6. Does the excess baggage pricing apply to both directions, let's say flying from the UK, will it still be RM90 per 5 kg?? That's an unbelievable pricing, considering SQ is charge USD50 per kg!
  7. It's rubbish, totally clueless about everything. Why aren't they waking up ALREADY?
  8. Great promotions, maybe to clear off balance Enrich miles before they join OneWorld, perhaps cross-redemption may be too expensive for MH?
  9. As long as they cost cheapest, then yes they'll be my first choice.
  10. Maybe that was the REAL reason why one of the pilots was in tears!
  11. They definitely axed SYD for this aircraft, strange but true lol
  12. Try a dummy booking on flights to LHR, they now show all MH1, MH2, MH3, MH4 operated with A380.
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