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  1. Ah...such good memories of Batavia in Jogja.
  2. Attan


    BC, the TUDM Caribous were used from 1969 to 1998 (29 years!) and replaced by the CN235 subsequently.
  3. Attan


    Sorry, BC...I meant the Caribou.
  4. Attan


    Well...at the time TUDM received them they were the most advanced aircraft in the fleet....got weather radar I think. Maybe one or two of them are still flying today. When they started the engines the whole ground shook and we just could not sleep anymore (I was once living nearby).
  5. Comparing the Jetfox with the Ukrainian-made Foxbat ( http://www.foxbat.com.au/a22l ), I'd probably go for the cheaper Foxbat which is selling very well in many countries.
  6. Capt Radzi Tnx for the beautiful pic. Just curious, what will be the ICAO and IATA codes for the new airport? KNIA sounds more like a US airport Should be a nice hop from PEN to there.
  7. Nice pic, Michael. Hopefully I can get some good shots of the MasWings ATR in KCH or SBW soon (will be riding in one).
  8. Teoh, I was there early this month. What are you flying now? Kee, usually they wait for major overhaul when they strip the paint and put on the new livery.
  9. Very busy but otherwise ok, TK. You going on to the 738s? Love the wingtips
  10. Pieter Didn't realise I had it till you mentioned. Too bad I didn't take a pic before the CRJ came by
  11. Belated congratulations to you, TK. Already I can see you enjoying the shorter flights and more landings per day. Han, thanks for the biodata on TK. They are hilarious.
  12. Apologies. Topic already covered by BC Tam under "General Aviation"
  13. Don't remember much except that they used the Britannia turboprop aircraft and perhaps had Luton Airport as their base. I may be wrong though. quote name='Peter Walduck' date='08 March 2010 - 08:54 PM' timestamp='1268052870' post='251242'] Good Afternoon, First of all I apologise if this is in the wrong place, but I have looked through the site and there is no where for airline history, if I have missed it sorry, perhaps someone can move it in to the right place. Anyway who remembers BRITISH EAGLE Airways ? They finished in around 1968 I THINK, but they were in the days of BEA and BOAC, which as we know the latter two were formed in to British Airways.I just thought I would ask if anyone remembers the airline, I certainly do and would like to find others that remember them. Peter.
  14. Spotters, read this for your own good: http://www.avweb.com/avwebflash/news/plane_spotters_released_jail_india_court_202123-1.html
  15. My apologies if this was posted before but it is interesting reading complete with ATC recording of the incident: http://www.aopa.org/aircraft/articles/2009/090414pilotsave.html
  16. How come you get all the nice aircraft in PEN, Bob? Love your MLA shots.
  17. Many of us will die to get a chance to get on an operating carrier. Looking forward to more from you, Ow.
  18. Really mouth-watering shots, Raj. Let's have more of such from you.
  19. Love to view your pics, Vivek. BOM is really an excellent choice for traffic variety and colour. Keep 'em comin'.
  20. Nice bizjet catch, Radzi. More Mid-East birds visible lately.
  21. I thought a deportee is a non-Malaysian. Where else can we deport a Malaysian except back to Malaysia? Or have I gone cuckoo? Maybe? Whatever it is the cabin crew and maybe the lsecurity marshall (if there was one on board) were all incompetent in my opinion.
  22. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Pieter. Such a great variety of liveries. Thought I also saw Julie Andrews singing "The Sound of Music" in the hills in the background!
  23. Han, really good close up pics. TK looks like Tom Cruise in Top Gun.
  24. It's a miracle, no doubt. At 3,000 feet the speed would not have been more than 200kts before the engines failed and maybe just 160 kts after the failure going down to 140kts rapidly. How did he manage to make those sharp turns without losing much height and speed? Unbelievable!
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