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  1. going to TRY to board MH2 on 15AUG.. yes TRY as I am using ZED ticket.. any insider can tell pm the load now as well as nearer to date?
  2. this is going to be exactly the same policy as BA's baggage allowance implemented few years back..
  3. will take MH780 outbound and LH782 inbound.. hopefully no strikes with the Germans..
  4. oh thanks Tang, been hesitating if I should take MH or TG for my business trip to BKK by the end of the month
  5. anyone knows if the 9M-MX* series are operating the KUL-BKK flights?
  6. Click here to view the link of the special livery in Chinese only I am afraid which i don't understand myself
  7. me photo is one of the 4000 images on the plane..
  8. Hi guys, KE's A380 will be delivered today officially in TLS. Click on the link below to watch live webcast of the delivery ceremony at 1.00pm UTC which shall be 9.00pm local Malaysia time. Have your popcorn ready! A380 delivery LIVE
  9. Click here for more photos of the A380 i uploaded today in Korean Air Southeast Asia facebook page.. All fresh from HAM as well taken yesterday
  10. cheers kc sim... will have plenty of time this weekend so planning to spend some time there
  11. Thanks Flee thks Daniel, is it accessible from landside or airside?
  12. Thanks for your elaboration on me points.. as i used to work side by side with dispatchers in LCY, we still used the old method of printing the flight plan and metar reports to pilots of BAE146 & Fokkers... lol... i am sure now with the increased E175/190s op into that airport, tech printers are not an issue anymore to them.. lol
  13. can anyone tell me where is the viewing area in SIN? i remember reading somewhere that there is a place to watch planes in Changi...
  14. i am sure someone here can tell u more but some of the resposibilities include, 1 - weight n balance 2 - fuel calculation 3 - printing flight plan 4 - prepare metar report etc..
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