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  1. Full rehearsal day. AK6013 back to KUL. Hawk coming in hot, and drop the 'bombs'. The show.
  2. Faizal, and other AOR spotters, there will be a low flypass, aerial bombing simulation, and maybe an airshow., in-conjunction with 'Sambutan Jubli Emas Pulatibang 1'. Date: 23-Aug-2014 (Saturday). TOT: 1000H Please get your camera ready. *Might be Su-30MKM doing the flypass/airshow. They are not touching down at AOR, after the show, they will set course back to another base, maybe Butterworth.
  3. Wah wah wahh...long time la didn't stop by this thread....thank you to Faizal...very happening lah bro... :-) need to update also lah, here is Perdana 1, coming to AOR on 24-Apr-2014... :-) Extra image... AK6013 return to KUL.
  4. AOR Return Hajj Flight as below. 24-Oct-2013: MH8205, JED-AOR, 0730hrs Arrival. MH8206, AOR-JED, 1030hrs Departure 25-Oct-2013: MH8207, JED-AOR, 0610hrs Arrival. MH8208, AOR-JED, 1140hrs Departure 26-Oct-2013: MH8209, JED-AOR, 0720hrs Arrival. MH8210, AOR-JED, 1345hrs Departure 27-Oct-2013: MH8211, JED-AOR, 0925hrs Arrival. MH8212, AOR-JED, 1500hrs Departure 28-Oct-2013: MH8213, JED-AOR, 1040hrs Arrival. MH8214, AOR-JED, 1315hrs Departure p/s: my gear currently with Canon Service, internal stuff mechanical error. I dont know whether can provide coverage or not.
  5. I don't know whether this information has been shared here. Royal Brunei Boeing 787 flight to KUL wil probably lands approximately at 1115, starting 19th October. (Tomorrow).
  6. Wind varies from 210 to 300 at 0700 zulu. Plausible.
  7. Single runway ops. Good for spotters, bad for P.O.B.
  8. Yup, but the long stretch is like in the middle of ocean. Very expose to strong winds, and everything.
  9. Finally nailed Foxtrot Foxtrot Alpha, in LGK. Several times it cames to AOR but couldn't catch it. A few minutes before this shot was taken, several go arounds reported due to heavy rain and turbulent. This was the METAR during this shots taken. WMKL 050400Z 30013G25KT 3000 RA FEW008 FEW017CB SCT025 OVC260 24/23 Q1013 winds 300 at 13knots, gusting to 25knots...
  10. Once in a lifetime opportunity....from airside... :-)
  11. Wow wow....nice sets from PEN....gonna spend some time in near future i guess...
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