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  1. I will let the pictures do the justice... many spotters and aviation geeks are here to welcome the first A350 for Malaysia Airlines coming in elegantly and those Rolls Royce are so quiet Flare... the wings are massive but i personally still prefers Dreamliner's wings design close up of the A350
  2. The event was held at Malaysia Airlines hangar 6. We reached the hangar around 11am... the excitement of seeing the A350 was building up and many Malaysia Airlines staffs turned up to witness this new bird Spotters bracing the rains for this special bird. Nothing gonna stop these ardent spotters
  3. MH2 taxying to runway 32R for her flight to London. The taxiway is nicely lit up by those powerful LED lights
  4. PH-BHI christened Lavendel. The team that has worked hard for KLM
  5. The new inflight meal was shown to us comes with a Japanese stewardess
  6. Walter, before cabin..... at the boarding gate.... Ong is in the center of everything Busy taking wefie with MAHB people.... then... the event starts.... Ong changed into RED underwear... er typo.... red t-shirt Presenting JAL picture to JAL Chairman - Masaru Onishi San Photo with JAL and MAHB dignitaries and more special posing from him While Kevin is much more relax
  7. While Ong were busy at C2 there, Kevin caught me busy catching pikachu.... cilaka this Kevin Teh
  8. While Ong is volunteering to cover the water canon event, myself and Kevin were dropped off near the touch down point of runway 32L to get some decent landing shots all smiles... before getting naughty... Kevin was everywhere to tryout the spots... Finally the beautiful JAL B789 appeared in our lens... I have always admire/amaze by those wing flex! look at how thin the wing is as it pierces through the air
  9. After the rain subsided, i was at Alpha 6 Runway 32R to catch Speedbird's arrival... Edi decided to go Papi light there to catch the smoky landing Some test shots... i can imagine catching the Speedbird in this condition Dream on... that was when i heard on radio that the pilots requested for runway 33 instead of 32R. So we quickly jumped on to the truck and rushed all the way to somewhere near Bunga Raya Complex... to catch a glimpse of her and slowly she appeared in front of us Must take pictures with the new plane as background taxied past me gracefully While the other team was busy taking her pictures
  10. A week before the event, the Malaysianwings old farts had a dinner gathering... such a nice feeling to meet up & update each other's busy life... not to mention talking about the aviation projects that we plan to do in the future on the day itself, before the plane arrives... we were already busy photographing... group selfie in the car while enroute to Security premise at the airside All smile and ready to go... what else can be better than spotting on airport on a slow Thursday afternoon Taiko Azahan is all about business here... negotiating and discussing about the best spots for capturing the Speedbird after the discussion was over... the weather went from this... to heavy rain... to heavy downpour Plan whatever you want... but you can never beat mother nature...
  11. T5 681 inaugural flight from Ashgabat. Love the massive GE90 engines TG417 from Bangkok
  12. It was never easy from the start. Many emails and meet up with Iran Air Malaysia, MAB and DCA just to get approval from all parties. Ong and Azahan together with the manager of Iran Air Malaysia Weather was perfect that morning. Looking very positive! Introducing airside crew, taiko Azahan and the little bit overly enthusiastic David Mr humble Edi and MWings CEO Gavin. Gavin looking menacing there! Before our target arrives, we have to practice some shots... test shots Airasia over the grand canyon Royal Brunei baby Airbus... if only they send in B787 At 1210, the Jumbo finally comes in...
  13. Let's keep this topic alive... MH738 Airbus 106 back to Tolouse Bye-bye A350!
  14. Weather was indeed quite good for the past few days morning
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