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  1. Anything is better than the Fosters they were serving on Saturday night! (Thankfully, I stuck to a lovely french Cab-Merlot)
  2. http://sg.asia-city.com/travel/news/singapore-airlines-now-serves-craft-beer-its-flights-out-new-zealand Great initiative by SQ to showcase destinations to the world through something simple, yet so effective. Proves once again why they stand out from the crowd
  3. Not an issue solely borne by KLIA, happens the world over and is often not an issue at the origin, it could be destination or enroute traffic/airspace clearance. We use a system here in Australia whereby a/c are held intentionally at the point of origin to reduce known holding at the destination. Fact of life - more of us want to travel, no additional airspace to accommodate.
  4. The issue with PER flights of late (the past several months on and off) has been recent runway closures (Rwy 03/21) during lengthy periods. To avoid any payload limitations (to use the shorter Rwy 24/06), the flight was "rescheduled" a couple of hours later so the departure ex PER was timed to not be affected.
  5. VARA/QQ heavy maintenance now done in Bratislava
  6. Virgin Australian Regional Airlines (still in Skywest colours) F100 VH-FNT currently in PEN
  7. http://hnlrarebirds.blogspot.com.au/2016/02/n504bj.html
  8. All is forgiven as soon as the airline being criticised has another sale!
  9. Yes, all 737's can be fitted with auxiliary fuel tanks (although typically this only done to BBJs) as they effectively take up what in a commercial sense is valuable cargo hold space, however its unused space on a typically configured BBJ. In order to achieve the "10hr range" of this a/c, there would be a number installed (if I remember correctly, up to 9 can be fitted giving a maximum fuel load of 37.7t)
  10. Skyliner reporting that she is moving on to Wamos Air in the coming months (along with msn265)
  11. http://twinotterspotter.blogspot.com.au/2015/04/914-c-fmjo-continues-to-malaysia.html Fantastic catch of the TBM-900! 330kt TAS out of a single turbo is nothing short of impressive!
  12. Did anyone by chance complete of list of aircraft at the show?
  13. Did anyone by chance complete of list of aircraft at the show?
  14. VH-YID wears "Virgin Samoa" titles as well
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