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  1. i believe the etops birds are fitted with slide rafts ,instead of them being just slides.
  2. can i share more here on your thread? been too long since i posted anything..
  3. we've got the straits of malacca!
  4. i guess i can confirm that afa is back in service. had a jolly good time taking it to tawau this morning,oops no wait, we had a 5hr delay, so i guess i had a jolly good time taking it to tawau this afternoon.
  5. just a wild guess, was it u? woah, if u guys saw AFW 3 times, i guess u guys were there for a very long time eh. AHO ? no have not flown it yet, i think its currently serving its time in BKI hub. i think.
  6. yeah! AFW for the day,heading for BKI . thanks alot Louis , thought of giving u guys a good big wave... but kinda forgot to do it after hearing our 2 little CFMs spooling up. when i saw the Shenzhen from C4, i thought "i'm in luck today..." with so many of u guys there and being inside of williams
  7. aisey, you all very bad lah yesterday... take the shenzhen NG but not me when its my turn just after them. saw many of u guys at the wx station yesterday...
  8. nss

    MH 704

    hi guys, does anyone know anything about MH704 flight yesterday,12/11/07 ? as far as i know, mh704 turned back to land at kul due to a cargo smoke warning, they were under singapore radar when it happend and sing. radar promptly gave direct tracks for the return, it landed around noon-ish and if anyone was flying at that time would have seen the a/c sitting on C after vacating C7, with a few yellow trucks surrounding it ..
  9. i have to agree,the time i heard master warning chimes going off was probably the scariest moment in my still very short career in flying, the other time would be doing a nav-ex during training school days when i was relaxing too much and was actually flying the wrong heading as i looked at the wrong part of the map... good days.
  10. this is kuala lumpur information ______ at time xxxx , departure runway 14r arrival runway 14l expect ils approach,surface wind xxx/x knots visibility more than 1 0 kilometers, expect slight haze ,clouds few 1700 charlie bravo direction _____,scattered 3000, temperature 32 dew point 25 , qnh 1010,all departing aircraft to contact approach 119.45, at first contact with lumpur, notify received information ______ . ha ha ha.. runway ,visibility ,haze, and CB at 1700 is almost always there
  11. my bad, my bad... i wasnt in it... i was in it during afp's arrival... all this new a/cs is making me confused
  12. good stuff guys.... hmm , by any chance did anyone catch afc on that day ? here's one,taken while pushing back.. was on iso1600.. unfortunately
  13. sorry, no idea about that,maybe capt Radzi or Ian can provide us with that info...
  14. well, instead of becoming a bash ak thread, fyi, the min width req for a320 is 45m .. from what i got from http://worldaerodata.com/wad.cgi?id=MY38077 , the width is only 37m, so .....
  15. glad u guys liked that pic... Chaity, i went down to malacca to clean up my rented house and to finish up some paperwork here are a couple more pics
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