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  1. Hi ong. Abel here, nice meeting you on the field on Sunday👍
  2. I am jsut being curious if anyone have complete list of radio freq for me to listen while doing my work? Really curious to listen how the whole system work
  3. hi sorry no reply, The talk was given around September & the speech was given by CEO which is Tengku Azmil...
  4. hi, its been a long while i was here. Can see alot of changes here. The CEO of MH actually came to my college to give a talk. I asked him about whether anot they are planing to join an alliance.. The answer from him is a no... I can tell you one of the main reason is: (i cant remember it as it was sometime ago) -if you join a alliance, you are expected to contribute... If not why first place the airline was allowed to join.
  5. Anyway i enjoy today show.. evethough i did not see the whole thing but it serve a warm up for tomorrow (Saturday)..
  6. err does today have the planned media air show since they already did the KLCC fly by yesterday? If it does does the schdule remain the same as the 1 posted here few days ago??
  7. Tomorow (friday) is the media presentation not opened to public? anyone going there to spot (i spot using my eyes) can i come along?
  8. its the best if anyone for us can pull the big MAHB ppl into this phorum to hear our comment no offence
  9. oh i really wish Russian Knight To come to LIMA 2007......
  10. need google earth to see??? is it happend in real time or has delayed a few min?
  11. sadly today i din see any tornado ..... today is the last day right....
  12. what make me say it may be a VC 10 is the layout loh.. since it was flying low... especially the engine layout.. so what plane is station at subang and who the participant for AIREX.... RAF????? dunno abt tuesday but today (wed) got flying low
  13. do u guys notice there a military jetliner passing (outside) the city in low level flight... (look like RAF VC10) (due to its lawout) i thinks it was 7.40am i saw that plane..... anyone can confirm that???
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