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  1. https://www.theborneopost.com/2022/12/16/wildlife-adventure-in-sabah-by-private-jet/ Here's a report by the local press about the TF-FIC visit to SDK.
  2. I think Bintulu is more a business destination (oil & gas) than a tourist place.
  3. I was thinking exactly the same thing when I saw the name Hainan.......
  4. The race is on between SDK and BTU to see who will join the million pax club first haha...
  5. Will RBA be the next Cathay Dragon after this?
  6. So both SIN - IPH and JHB - IPH starting Dec?
  7. i thought these few routes to the chinese cities are only chartered flights?
  8. Seems to me Malindo likes to follow the "footstep" of Airasia instead of introducing new and "untested" route. Whats the chances of this Wuhan route will not suffer the same fate as their Spore's one?
  9. Direct flight yes..... but from Kuching? whats the strategy here? like I say, the growth in TWU in the past 4-5 years is entirely fueled by the arrival of chinese tourists heading to Semporna. So shouldn't the direct flight be targeting at this market instead? 1) Sandakan airport currently handled about 950K pax annually with a capacity of 1.5 - 2 million pax a year, so there is room to grow further. However, the current runway length of 7000ft means it can't really handle flights beyond 3 hrs flying time. 2) TWU has exploded this past few years with the influx of chinese tourists heading to Semporna. TWU is estimated to handle close to 1.5 mil by end of this year and the airport terminal and parking apron is in need of an upgrade. Its 8800ft runway is long enough to handle the demand. 3) With Sabah Tourism Board estimate that close to 400K tourists (mainly chinese) visited Semporna last year, if all passed thru TWU (both departing n arriving), means close to 800K pax handled by TWU were actually going to Semporna. So maybe better off building a smaller ATR ready airport for Tawau instead of Semporna and renamed TWU to SMM haha........
  10. What's the rationale on this? Pax heading to Tawau is almost entirely due to Chinese tourists heading straight to Semporna, not sure how TWU-KCH will works. They might be better fly TWU-CAN direct.
  11. Do u know the date for the last flight of these 2 routes?
  12. Do pm me when you have another group planning to come over haha.... =)
  13. If u can find me the tourists, I'll find u the tour buses 😂😂
  14. surprisingly, most seafood restaurants were opened during this CNY period....
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