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  1. HK Express timing not as good though....by the time you arrive in HKG, it would be night time
  2. 320/321 alone won't be able to accommodate the loads for this sector. Flights are usually very full....CX constantly deploy 747 on this route as well.
  3. I just flew PEN-HKG-PEN last week on CX. First of all, on both legs, they were using some very old 777s and A340s. IFE was not outdated and seats weren't that comfortable. Food on both legs was terrible! I think while PEN is doing well, it is not considered a primary city like KUL of SIN....as such they don't deploy the latest products on this sector. I have never flown Dragon Air on their wide bodies, but flown from HKG to Changsha on A321. Service wise, just ok...not spectacular.
  4. I've flown SZB-JHB-SZB a few times now on Malindo. The most recent flights were almost full both ways. Flights were on time, comfortable seats, nice and friendly crew with light snacks and drinks. All in all, good value for money. I'd continue flying them over the more expensive Fireflyz
  5. That's exactly what you can expect when you allow a bunch of headless and brainless people to manage something as big as this
  6. J Class looks amazing. F Class looks no different from MH F on A380....
  7. Why pay for GL when you can use your credit card to access Plaza Premium Lounge
  8. MH announced resumption of service to DXB. This time daily using their aging 777. I wonder how can they compete head on with EK with 3-4 daily flights on their brand new 380s and 777s?
  9. I have flown KUL-PEN-KUL twice this year, and I was lucky enough to get the new 738 with IFE. It's comfy with ample legroom. I was even able to watch a short half hour show on my personal screen. Recently came back from JHB with the old 734....seriously, it's time to retire this place. It's soooooo old. The lightings are dull, the seats look worn out and it stinks!
  10. EK flies its A380s everywhere in the world....and a they use a 777 for their DXB-DOH route...I don't see anything wrong with 787 taking on 6 hours flights
  11. If these numbers maintain for the next 3 quarters, KUL will end the year with 42mil pax! But the numbers also confirm that my decision of avoiding the current LCCT at all cost is the right one
  12. I luv Turkey....Hot air ballon in Cappadocia was one of the best moments in my life so far
  13. It's quite normal for pilots to fly national flags from their cockpit. The Star article mentioned about Turkish Airlines making a comeback after a 4 year absence? It sure feels much longer than just 4 years
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