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  1. Several announcements like this in the past that never came to anything - highly likely this one will disappear without a single aircraft being built.
  2. As of yesterday AirAsia still adding credit/debit card charges at the final payment stage.
  3. Thanks for confirming it went to JHB. I have now found pictures and references to it being used for maintenance training at JHB in Sapura Aero's hangar. Here are a couple of links: http://picamoon.com/p/1524001094803785124_300235600 http://picamoon.com/p/1374473567156267394_2200620476
  4. Thanks for the info Raj. I've searched the net for photos at the various training/education facilities that have aircraft but I haven't found anything yet showing 9M-NEP. MIAT at Dengkil have had a B727 for a long time but that is an ex TWA machine.
  5. Does anyone know the fate of Neptune Air's B727 9M-NEP and when it was last in service? Thanks Geoff
  6. Where are the Firefly 600s stored? Are all the MASwings 600 stored at KUL? Geoff
  7. Thanks, I hadn't realised AHL had an almost identical twin. I see AHE has two cartoon characters on the rear fuselage that AHL doesn't.
  8. Two other special colour schemes appeared in December 2016. 9M-AFT - Greenland Group www.planespotters.net/photo/732961/9m-aft-airasia-airbus-a320-216 www.jetphotos.net/photo/8448674 Previously in mface colour scheme 9M-AHL- Honghe Nativeland www.planespotters.net/photo/733340/9m-ahl-airasia-airbus-a320-216 Previously in Prince Lubricants colour scheme
  9. Just found this photo on airliners.net taken back in June 2016. http://www.airliners.net/photos/airliners/1/0/3/4122301.jpg?v=v4d60605f691 Has it now arrived in BKI? Anyone know the Malaysian registration? Geoff
  10. Mavcom revokes permit of umrah charter operator Eaglexpress Air KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Aviation Commission (Mavcom) on Tuesday revoked the air service permit (ASP) of global umrah/hajj charter operator Eaglexpress Air Charter Sdn Bhd effective Dec 21 for failing to comply with certain conditions within the stipulated timeframes. The four-year-old Eaglexpress, the country’s second charter airline after Berjaya Air Sdn Bhd, operates flights to Saudi Arabia from North Africa, the Middle East, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Malaysia. Mavcom said in a statement that with the revocation of the ASP, the Kuala Lumpur-based airline would not be able to carry by air or use any aircraft for the carriage of passengers, mail or cargo for hire or reward on a non-scheduled journey over domestic or international routes. http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2016/12/20/mavcom-revokes-permit-of-umrah-charter-operator-eaglexpress-air/
  11. Probably related to these logging contracts http://investors.ericksoninc.com/mobile.view?c=237068&v=203&d=1&id=2195916 Geoff
  12. When I arrived at KLIA2 late Tuesday evening I saw an A330 in a new special colour scheme but could not get a photo. A quick search has found it to be 9M-XXA with "Thank you ALLSTARS - AIRASIA X TURNS 9" titles. http://www.jetphotos.net/photo/8412136 Geoff
  13. Not quite a special livery, but 9M-AJA which attended Farnborough Air Show back in July had Skytrax graphics applied to the tail and forward fuselage. www.jetphotos.net/photo/8322162 www.flickr.com/photos/asp-photos/27882077574 Geoff
  14. Picture of the PRDRM Air Wing's two new AgustaWestland AW139s 9M-PMB and 9M-PMC at Subang on the Friends of PDRM facebook page. Soon to enter service. Geoff
  15. 9M-AQI has been painted in a nice looking AirAsia Foundation scheme. http://www.jetphotos.net/photo/8351540 Geoff
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