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  1. For this "distress" airliners, the CT may want to request for the aircraft's fuel level to be sent in to them to verify the pilots' claims. Perhaps information from the ECAMs will provide some fuel level information to the control tower folks. This may deter this selfish pilots from performing such acts.
  2. High time the place needing some spruce up.
  3. That is a piece of good news indeed. Always a welcome sight this little small space is.
  4. I guess the minimum requirement is for safety purpose more than the level of service rendered. Many in these part of the world still think that travelling by air is a luxury, and expect high level of service. But nowadays, travelling by air is very common.
  5. Operational cost have crept up with the airline coupled with fierce competition from Malindo air.
  6. Sad piece of news indeed. Die doing what she loved. May her soul is at peace.
  7. Well, people not in the industry will find the news disturbing if they have not already boycotted Malaysian airlines. Perception that the government is dragging their legs on the investigation of MH370 and MH17 is a deciding factor for them.
  8. Two businessmen have filed official complaints against Hawaiian Airlines after they were allegedly weighed before they were allowed to board a flight with the carrier. Instead of allowing its customers to pre-select seats for flights between Pago Pago, American Samoa, and Honolulu, the US carrier, it was allegedly, recently ran a policy of weighing passengers before they were allocated seats. The airline claims that the policy was designed to help distribute weight across the cabin and address a safety issue. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-3819695/Hawaiian-Airlines-investigation-complaints-WEIGHED-passengers-allocating-seats.html#ixzz4MIpzCfYR Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook Well, the above certainly have legitimate safety intentions, I guess. On a flight recently to Vietnam, passengers are reminded to be seated at their own seats and not to group up on one side to ensure there is a weight balance on the aircraft. This is because a particularly chatting group of (8 of them) passengers begins to bunched together on the right side rows of seats apparently discussing their trip with the trip leader who was seated there. This left a void on the left sittings but a packed right. Good to know.
  9. Well, like the saying goes...if you have it, flaunt it.
  10. Our Nuri is long overdue for retirement. Perhaps this incident will remind the MOD to take a look again for a replacement.
  11. Vietnam is a new emerging economy to be reckon with, just like Myammar. They used to export labor overseas, but now , they are recruiting their locals like mad.
  12. So it was a wrong entry by the captain into the flight nav.system which later compounded by several futile recovery attempts by the cockpit crew that worsen the situation. A request to return to SYD was not possible due to poor weather at SYD, and hence the flight was diverted to MEL for safety and repair. And this happened in 2015. Really, a haive of nothing..
  13. A turbulence start indeed for Suasa. Hope the rest of the way will be a smooth run.
  14. The authorities should tighten its border controls to stamp out smuggling of weapons into the country.
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