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  1. Is it 9M-NAA will fly to London tomorrow with PM on board?
  2. Just now i saw on FR24 ETD 472 bound for Jakarta descending towards KLIA. Anyone know what happened?
  3. MH : B737-400, B737-800, B747-400 FY : F50 AK : B737-300, A320 KL : B777-300 GA : B737-800
  4. Guys, i found this, meal sampling for Eagle Express Air http://remyhazza-satuperjalanan.blogspot.com/2012/03/eagle-express-air-meal-sampling.html
  5. Hi. Can anyone confirm is that true that MAS A330's landed at Kota Bharu last friday morning? Because one of my friend told me that she's got a big aircraft with seat arrangement is 2-4-2.
  6. I was flown to KBR last Friday as MH 1384, pax only 14.
  7. I'm trying to search at Kuwait Airways. For Dept. on 11 Feb, and return 22 Feb, it will cost you 2151MYR.
  8. i got this on the 29th sept. while waiting for my flight. "Kuala Lumpur" bringing hajj pilgrims 3 National Carriers and last but not least, Oman Air My ride to CGK. Its PK-GFP!
  9. It's true Naim. "Kuala Lumpur" left for Jeddah as MH 150 soon after we arrived .
  10. sorry Chaity. According to Garuda, 744 will arrive on 26 Dec around 1300 LT and that aircraft will fly back to JKT at 2300 LT.
  11. Garuda Indonesia will send B744 as en extra flight to KUL to bring their supporters during final AFF at Bukit Jalil Stadium.
  12. yeah..saw XXA in SAE hangar this evening..anyone know what she doing there?
  13. what kind of aircraft they use?
  14. haha..mana boleh nak rasmi UMNO meeting division pakai helikopter TUDM..wakaka
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