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  1. Return flight (AK 6412) from WMKJ to WMKP is delayed. Will be departed at 1115hrs insteed of 0850hrs local time.
  2. AsianExpress 6413 was scheduled to fly from WMKP to WMKJ but landed in WMKK. Anything unusual?
  3. Currently detected by F-WMSA3. Information is blocked. VVIP? Air Force 1? or Perdana 1? Wonder what call sign being used.
  4. Usually the squawk number is given randomly by the air traffic controller or set by the radar system?
  5. Another touch n go is going on currently.
  6. Malaysian 143 Squawking 2143 was directed to Squawk to 2147 when report to Singapore Radar.
  7. saw this bird, ZK-MVA on T-WMSA3 at 0930 U.T.C. Delivered on 31.10.2012. Could be on his delivery flight from Toulouse to New Zealand. An ATR-72-600 equiped with transponder.
  8. http://www.flightradar24.com/#!/2012-09-15/09:26/XAX306 what happened to this bird??
  9. http://archive-server.liveatc.net/wmkb/WMKB-App-Sep-15-2012-0000Z.mp3
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