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  1. But from what I read, both BA and AA vetoed MH's application for the LHR-EWR route. Besides, the London - New York route is a significant revenue maker for them. Makes sense for them to ally together and block a competitor from getting a piece of the pie, since if the allow MH that route, surely our price would be lower than theirs.
  2. I donno if anyone hv posted this, but does anybody know the exact location of the 1988 Flying Tiger Line 747 crash? Is it anywhere near Puchong? And is it really true that the flight crew misunderstood the tower and decended below the minimum altitude? TQ
  3. It's too bad that they're planning to end services to EWR. If only MH is allowed to stop at LHR instead of ARH. Damn BA/AA
  4. I applied for the same post...didn't get it...
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