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  1. Fair enough. I am only saying you CAN avail of it if you so choose. From where Im siting the alternative is that the money disappears down some rabbit hole or some other opaque scheme of which neither you nor I can partake of. If its not this, its that. And I prefer this over that. Lets not be naive in thinking it wil go back into some hospital or school or road or some altruistic endeavor for the good of all Malaysians.
  2. If we were to put a number on it - for argument's sake - Let's call it RM21 billion so far cumulatively. Off a population of 32 million that works out to RM 656 for every man, woman and child since MH started requiring bailouts. You don't need to buy very many cheap tickets to come out ahead of your relative contribution to the bailout. Adjust the numbers if somewhat inaccurate, but the the crux of the matter is the fact that there are far more projects and bailouts from which you cannot actively and voluntarily gain from than this.
  3. No disagreement there.... It's a problem, and ultimately. it's a problem for taxpayers collectively. Individually? Think about it this way - the strategy is to fly enough on MH cheap fares that it essentially means the non-flying taxpayer subsidizes you. So why shut it down or even have a business plan to turn it around? If you look at MH as a quasi-socialist construct with benefits available for all, but only some partaking of it, it takes on a far different complexion. I'm not an aviation nut. I'm a pragmatic traveller, and the airline that gets me to where i want to go at the correct price/quality proposition gets my money. Currently, the king of that price/quality equation is MH - i.e it's Cheap and the quality is so-so. Long Live MH in it's current state! Daulat MH!
  4. That's a good thing for Consumers no? The concern about bailouts as a collective notion is valid. As an individual, work out the per capita cost of all these bailouts, and then make an educated guess of how much MH can't charge because of it. My portion of the bailouts (as a malaysian taxpayer) is miniscule compared to the money I've saved buying J cheapies. Yes, there'll be some people whose travel patterns and routes will show MH as consistently more expensive, but I'm talking about the RM4000 CMB-KUL-CDGs, RM4400 KUL-SYD, RM5000 TPE-KUL-MEL amongst others. Really I've lost count of how many great fares there have been over the years, all because MH can't charge the premium it'd dearly love. It's pointless having all the trimmings, limo service, private suites and what not to fight with SQ or whoever, only for them to charge an arm and a leg and then for me to look in from the outside drooling because I can't afford it. Like they say - even in a Bear market you can make money. The caveat of course is if you don't fly MH at all, in which case, then the point is valid about your money going down the drain.
  5. It's not. I was a bit gung ho with that one I seem to recall it being a bit less than 2 hours, but certainly longer than normal turns. No it doesn't. It's terrible will not try that again for sure!
  6. I've done these exact 2 flight numbers as a turn before. I thought it was great as i didn't have to take any leave
  7. Those will come at a cost. If it means higher prices , reduced U class availability, reduced overall availability or harder MHupgrade opportunities - Im inclined to hope it doesnt happen.
  8. Fantastic idea. Both are overseas destinations, with much traffic too.
  9. Totally MH's fault. They didn't buy the Traffic Separation Package from airbus for the A350. I've also heard they're only running two engines on the A350, and didn't buy the 4 engine package. Cutting costs at every corner ! Disappointing to say the least.
  10. You mean unavailable because it's blocked or unavailable because it's occupied? If it's blocked - a simple call (not via the website) to the call center (for just about any airline) and they will be able to see there's an infant attached to your booking, and assign one of those seats. if it is occupied - occupants CAN be kicked out at the discretion of MH (unless they themselves have infants), and can be kicked out at the time you call (not having to wait till airport check in)
  11. If the J and Y fares are not combinable - then the calculation would be sectorised separately rather than a through return KUL-HND-KUL. Youd end up paying more than just round trip J. If it is combinable, any good travel agent can book it for you on the basis of two half round trips and basically pay the difference between roundtrip J and roundtrip Y. If a travel agent can do it, there may be some sites where you can do it.
  12. I want it to maintain the current price/service ratio. The profitability is secondary (to me). The fact that it bleeds and the government has to bail it out is unfortunate, but if you buy enough cheapies (and there have been many), essentially the rest of the non-travelling/infrequent travelling Malaysian tax paying public is subsidizing you. I'm not so much an Aviation Enthusiast but a bargain hunter, and the current status quo is precisely where I need it to be. One size doesn't fit all, I grant you, but it does for some.
  13. I like MH just the way it is now 😊 no need for experts and armchair CEOs
  14. The bridge lounge is not far from the intermediate train stop between the low numbered gates and the midfield gates.
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