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  1. Paid a visit to the airport on an inbound flight to Jakarta today. It's a pretty big airport..way bigger than the previous terminal. But there's a really long wak from the arrival gate to the immigration. Buggy and travelators are available to help ease the journey.
  2. Just thought to share some photos from my trip to the event from these past 2 days. Here's a link to my FB post. Hope you guys enjoy it https://www.facebook.com/namuramc/posts/10154669091387670?notif_t=like&notif_id=1488556033631995
  3. Reply I got from the British HC: Hi Wong, The Red Arrows are still set to flypast KLCC at 3.45 pm on Friday (14th October). As for the event on Monday (17th October), the event at Epson College has not been rescheduled and is by invitation only. You may watch the display from the vicinity of Epson College. Do keep a look out on our Facebook page for regular updates.
  4. That'd be an awesome meet up. I'm certainly gonna attend if dinner, breakfast or drinks are on. Perhaps time to create a whatsapp group to see who's coming?
  5. Same here as well. If the trade days are open to public, I'd love to go for that too
  6. Hi guys, my bad, forgot to include the dates. The check in date is 20th March 2015 and check out date is 21st March 2015.
  7. Hi guys, I booked a small guesthouse near the airport. It's got 6 rooms and so far it's me and one more person. If anyone would like to share a room do feel free to let me know? Just looking for people to fill up the room so it won't be so empty Price, well, will leave it open. A small token sum will be fine. I'll get a rental car as well (hopefully), and still got 2 seats, so if anyone would like to share that cost, that'd be great
  8. That's gonna be awesome. I last saw the BUFF in the 2012 Singapore Airshow and was huge. Unfortunately didn't really have a good angle to shoot it. Guessing it's gonna be a fly by just like 2012.....I'd hazard it'd be hard for it to land at Langkawi..?
  9. Thanks flee! By any chance there'd be a group from here heading out to LIMA 2015? Would be great to head out there together and perhaps share the costs and excitement
  10. I was thinking to stay 2 days as well. My last experience at LIMA, there were some planes that may not be flying on one day, i.e 2013 i got the Typhoon, Grippen and Rafale in the morning, but the Hornet only came out the next day... Concern on my end was the hotel price...my last stay it cost me RM500/night....at Holiday Villa. Maybe if got 2-3 people going together, we can share the cost of the hotel and car.. I can poke around to try and find out the Hotel's staff price for Lima days this year. Or if got other cheaper alternatives that'd be cool too
  11. Thanks Flee, xtemujin for the info! Appreciate it! Will book the flight soon Anyone headed there on a day trip as well?
  12. Hi Guys, I'm keen on heading to LIMA 2015...but will likely not be staying a day. My plan to fly into Langkawi in the morning and head to the display area from there. Just wondering if anyone's done this and if transportation will be a problem? Planning to head out on the same day back to KUL
  13. Wonder if our RMAF boys will be showing up...
  14. Some additional notes here, states that KL airbase will be involved, but did not mention if the Raptors will be at KL airbase: http://www.malaysiandefence.com/?p=4478&utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=raptors-and-eagles-confirmed-for-cope-taufan-2014
  15. Looking forward to shooting the raptors! Might make a day trip down to Butterworth just to shoot them
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