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  1. Thanks guys. The only RMAF aircraft that I saw were a couple of Hawk 208s and a PC7. 20160728-IMG_1172 by Laurence Bean, on Flickr 20160728-IMG_1157 by Laurence Bean, on Flickr 20160728-IMG_1047 by Laurence Bean, on Flickr
  2. Near Butterworth this morning: 20160728-IMG_1143 by Laurence Bean, on Flickr 20160728-IMG_1123 by Laurence Bean, on Flickr Lockheed Martin F16D, AF90-0834. by Laurence Bean, on Flickr 20160728-IMG_1068 by Laurence Bean, on Flickr
  3. Very nice shots SS Lee. Must try to get down to the airport more often. Looks like A39-001 was en-route to the UK for the Royal International Air Tattoo at Fairford this weekend. Just spotted it on this site heading in that direction: http://global.adsbexchange.com/VirtualRadar/desktop.html
  4. SSLee, good selection of photos there. I have not been to the airport very much at all lately. However, spotted an unusual A340 on FR24 approaching Penang this lunchtime so I went and had a look. Brunei A342, V8-001, parked in front of the tower. Airbus A340-212, V8-001. by Laurence Bean, on Flickr
  5. Good catch on the Brunei A340.
  6. SS Lee, no ladder. I don't have one. Stood on the fibreglass bins that are there.
  7. A few from yesterday morning at the bus stop. Tigerair Airbus A320-232(WL), 9V-TRH. by Janner88, on Flickr Malindo Boeing 737-9GP (ER) (WL), 9M-LNF. by Janner88, on Flickr Air Asia Airbus A320-216, 9M-AHM. by Janner88, on Flickr Just after I got there, three fire engines deployed along the western side of Rwy 22. Thought there might be a problem but after five minutes or so, they returned to the station. This was one of them. At the ready. by Janner88, on Flickr
  8. I went down yesterday morning for the first time in about 6 months. No sign of an A340 then. There was a GIV, B-LAS, parked on the pan between the tower and the fire station though.
  9. These aircraft are quite often used to transport equipment from the UK for FPDA exercises. Normally have the first of these exercises early-/mid-April. Could be tied into that.
  10. SS Lee, very good start to the year there. Thanks for sharing. Where were the Apaches and Chinooks from? Singapore?
  11. K S Ong, very good catch. :good:
  12. Ah, an RAAF KC-30 not the RAF Voyager. Can see the boom now. Excellent catches!
  13. Good ones SS Lee, especially the KIwi. Did you also catch the Voyagers departure?
  14. Wasn't able to get to the airport yesterday to catch the E-190 and will be away for a few days from tomorrow so will miss this as well.
  15. Parked in front of the tower at PEN this morning. Possibly on delivery? Kalstar Aviation ATR72-500, PK-KSD. by Janner88, on Flickr
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