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  1. Let's not forget 27k, or thereabouts, for a quick jaunt to LAX in J, via HKG. 😉
  2. The real question is why fly to LHR and waste 12 hours of fuel when they couldve just flown the A350 to KCH, both routes accrue 1 elite sector.
  3. I read it as him making a comparison between denser, Haj configurated "tin-cans" i.e. competitors (not necessarily other aircraft type or even a comparison with the remaining MH fleet) with the current, not-as-dense MH A388 configuration.
  4. I dont understand your incessant need in resorting to personal attacks when someone disagrees with you or even begs to differ, as I have. I truly am shocked that a lawyer doesnt know the difference between vocabulary and grammar. Its funny that you personally attack me as being lazy when in fact, you wont even google the phrase keyboard warrior for yourself. Your reply was hypocrisy at its best; you are the epitome of a lazy, keyboard warrior, and possibly even more, in my humble opinion of course. But what would I know right? Im not a doctor or a pilot, and certainly not a lawyer. Oh, and getting back on topic, how did you deduce btw that these MH social media staff were unsalaried? Im genuinely curious how you know this. The singling out wouldnt happen if personal attacks didnt happen in the first place.
  5. Inappropriate usage of grammar, spelling, vocabulary and/or punctuation et al in MH's A350 promotional video certainly counts as sticking to the topic, for me at least. Btw, you might've used the phrase "keyboard warrior" incorrectly.
  6. I concur, maybe one day I'll be able to aspire to fly an aeroplane, just like you do, every other day of the year!
  7. With that sort of attitude, Id say the latter. Anyway, it was showing on my seat map on the MH app as 738 but as others have mentioned above, it seems to fortunately still be showing as an A359 everywhere else. Hopefully its just an MH app glitch.
  8. My downgrade back to the 738 from the A359 definitely necessitates a MAVCOM complaint!
  9. I do actually; I tend to avoid any airline that flies out or lands into KLIA2, too far of a walk for my aged, arthritic joints.
  10. MH126/127 re-upgauge for sure! (wishful thinking) The close proximity to "hairy legs" on the 738 is way too much to bear on a 5hr 30min run.
  11. Maybe it was the actual posting of the miles albeit really late!
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