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  1. Seems like QR is adding even more capacity to KUL this July. The additional QR 856/857 will be operated by 77L on most Tuesdays and 77W on Thursdays and Saturdays instead of the 332.
  2. And probably why LH revert its LH 772/773 operations back to double red-eyes.
  3. What's going on with the 737s that week? Seems like the are consolidating flights (e.g. BKK went from 7 to 4 a day during that week with 2 737s consolidating into 1 777). Also some HKG 737s flights are canceled (from 4 daily to twice daily). Normal schedule the week before and after May 30 to June 6.
  4. Didn't know TG 922/923 is still around.
  5. Same as TG 401/402 on SIN turn - crew stays at the CP SIN. I believe MH has 2 set of crews overnighting in BKK - MH 776 crew does not turnaround for MH 797. Is TG pretty much relying on transfer traffic for its KUL-BKK flights? It's one of the most expensive carriers to fly between the two cities and it only has 2 flights a day now (compared to 7 for MH).
  6. How long do you think AA/CX/SQ rates will last for? AA is just waiting for US/AA integration to go through before devaluing their miles. They have been giving away so many miles this year! UA/DL/MH devalued ahead of AA and the rest, but I would assume AA devaluation is coming soon. So is CX - there have been talks of limiting premium cabin to partners and increasing redemption as well. If it's anything, CX is taking cues from QF for Asiamiles. And if CX follows QF, goodbye F/J awards from partner members. How is it unrewarding when it is one of the, if not the only, airline that books its own saver award into a separate booking class compared to partners? I am not saying it's extremely competitive, but when you look at it whole, it's competitive. I wouldn't call UA Mileage Plus a well run and attractive program. It used to be, but since the merger, it's downright awful. It is a money spinner, but when UA sold too many miles to Chase, they had to devalue their chart because there were too many unclaimed miles. Mileage is a liability to an airline. As I've mentioned above, MH will have to pay partners when MH members redeem an award. When MH issue miles, it is a future cost to MH (and when they devalue their chart, it indirectly reduces their liabilities).
  7. I don't think MH's Enrich pricing is nuts. Saver level award points required for KUL-Europe one-way in J (without discounts of any sort): MH: 75k CX: 70k (or 120k for RT) SQ: 60-80k depending on destination, but mostly 80k TG: 89k (or 130k for RT) BA: 75k off-peak or 90k peak AA: 52.5k UA: 85k DL: whatever computer spits out If you ask me, they are competitive. And Enrich award on MH metal doesn't depend whether there is U or I available. Sure, MH seats might lose out to CX or SQ, but if I want to redeem a seat for travel in July/August on MH, I know I will be able to get one. Good luck getting U on CX or I on SQ in the summer.
  8. 1) Like others have mentioned, Enrich redemption is pretty competitive. It's only 63,750 miles oneway in J to Europe. It's a slightly higher than SQ/AA but none of them allows you to book into a revenue bucket, so you are at the mercy of the IM. I would say MH is extremely generous. 2) Miles are a liability to an airline. MH will have to pay partners for their seats when they redeem an award seat, hence it's a liability. When they devalue their miles, it reduces the liability of the airline because more miles is required to redeem a seat. You might be alone that most people are not willing to pay for MH J short haul. When you start giving it away for free ala US carriers, then no one would want to pay for it. For now, people still want to pay for it because there are values added to it. 3) Well let's see if Christoph Mueller will introduce HBO (hand-baggage only) fares, pay for seat assignments even in Business Class like BA, monetize entertainment, power outlets, removing lounge access for OWS/OWE, buy-on-board, peddling their credit cards on board, advertisement on the tray table etc. I am confused. If you are redeeming Enrich miles on MH, it doesn't come out from the P, U, X bucket, but rather as Suzanne said, a revenue bucket. So there is *a lot* of award redemptions available for Enrich members on MH metal. Whilst MH doesn't make it super easy to earn whilst flying in discounted Economy, it is competitive in premium cabins. It's pretty much the industry standard now. And if you are using partner miles for redemption, you have a choice of other airlines, since as you say "MH is a POS".
  9. Well yeah, I think most travelers opt for Gogo's monthly pass of ~$50 a month, but AA's wifi has been a little slow recently.
  10. CK is a myth, like fairies and dragons. I have yet to see one of them But if they do exist, I believe they are a small group of people who are either: - travel controller for a large corporation - spend a minimum of $50k USD a year (which I don't think is really that high) - A-list celebrities (maybe) since AA is still the contract carrier for SAG Suzanne - which category do you fall into for the CK invitation (I was thinking A-list celebrity).
  11. That's a people mover! Capacity wise, it's quite similar to the 77W with 24 J seats. In addition, QR will be increasing its flights to KUL to 24 weekly. New flights as below: QR856 DOH0200 – 1500KUL 332 246 QR857 KUL1700 – 1930DOH 332 246 And EY will be operating 3-cabin A333 beginning June 1 on the EY 413/416 rotation, giving KUL 13 weekly 3-cabin service (the only exception is Sunday's EY 418/411 operated by 2-cabin VA 77W).
  12. It's sort of a different market. FRA-KUL is not a huge O&D market (compared to say FRA-SIN). So both MH and LH relies quite a bit on transfer traffic from their respective hubs. And plus, from what I hear is KUL yields aren't that great for LH either. But having that said, I am sure LH will probably stick around KUL longer now that they have a monopoly on this route.
  13. I don't believe you can do KUL-HKG-DOH-DXB-LHR on AA. You can do KUL-HKG-DOH-LHR though. India/Middle East is not a valid transit point for Asia 2 - Europe award with the exception of DOH and both inbound and outbound flight must be on QR (can't fly CX HKG-DOH)
  14. LH flew 5x A343 for NW14/15 and now it's daily A343 for NS15 and it's back to 5 weekly but on B744 for NS15/16. NS16 shows daily A343 but that's probably just a placeholder. Problem for both MH and LH is that there aren't any interline connections between the two - KUL is not a huge O&D destination and connections are limited beyond KUL for LH whilst connections are limited beyond FRA for MH (with the exception of TATL codeshare with AA; all AA destinations that are served via FRA can be served via CDG/LHR, but much easier connection for passengers at FRA than at LHR/CDG, but having that said, MY-US traffic is minimal).
  15. Unconfirmed reports that KUL-FRA will be cut with effective from May 29. It has not been reflected on the GDS yet, but odd that they are cutting this right before the summer peak season.
  16. Thank you for providing this info. I am a little confused - does MH still require 2 crew in the cockpit should one of the pilots need a break? I understand the need of 2 crew in the cockpit but there was no way the door can be unlocked from the inside when the temporary deadbolt was installed?
  17. Odd that Krabi will be suspended. They started a year or two ago with 4 weekly flights and was quickly upped to 14 weekly flights. Edited: It's not a secret anymore. It has already been reflected on the GDS. Last flight to: Kunming - 29 April Krabi - 5 May Kochi - 31 May
  18. CI and MH filed with the USDOT for code-sharing services between KUL and HNL, SFO, LAX and JFK using CI's metal across the Pacific beginning NS2015 schedule. Odd that they chose CI instead of CX considering at some point, MH actually placed its code on CX TPAC services briefly before it was removed (and the obvious fact that CX is a OW member and there are 8 CX/MH flights between KUL and HKG compared to 3 MH/CI flights between KUL and TPE). Subject to government approval, this will be MH's third code-sharing agreement to the US after JL and AA. More info: http://www.regulations.gov/#!documentDetail;D=DOT-OST-2015-0036-0001
  19. Things are not looking good for RJ at KUL - they just zeroed out inventory for its AMM-BKK-KUL flights.
  20. Actually no. Per ANA Press Release, NH 845/846 (NRT-SIN) and NH 807/808 (NRT-BKK) will feature 3-cabin 788 (with PE and flat bed C). HND-CGK will be swapped to 789 and that will be 3-class 789 as well. And most importantly, NH 801/802 (NRT-SIN) will be on 77W with F
  21. Not so much with BA or NH. BA was planned before MH 370/17 incidents and it's also a OW hub to hub flight. NH will be the only carrier offering seamless transfer via NRT to/from most of North America (hence NH 816's departure time in the morning instead of late evening similar to MH 88 or JL 724). IMO, CX provides one of the best KUL-North America connections - gorgeous airport and fantastic lounge options at HKG.
  22. ANA will resume services to KUL beginning 01 September 2015. Resumed flight schedule, per airlineroute: NH815 NRT1720 - 2335KUL 788 D NH816 KUL0700 - 1500NRT 788 D Seems like flights are timed for North America connections and will probably include a codeshare with AC/UA. ANA Press Release Aircraft will be the regional 2-cabin 787 instead of 3-cabin 787 serving SIN, CGK and BKK.
  23. Interesting. Is this for Summer 2016? Their S16 schedules is not out yet and 4-cabin product is even more surprising. Good news nonetheless. The A346s are in the process of being transferred over to MUC hub (FRA will only have A343 whilst MUC will only have A346 in the future). And the FRA-based A346 are all old C and old F.
  24. Thank you for the list. A couple of minor corrections: - Egyptair flies 3 times a week to BKK (Tu, We, Sa) - Royal Jordanian flies 3 times a week to BKK (Mo, We, Fr) - Lufthansa flies 5 times a week to CGK (daily except We, Th), daily A343 in S15 schedule back to 5 weekly B744 W15/16 schedule.
  25. No idea, but the daily flight was in the pipeline a while ago. There are currently no agreement between MH and LH, which is a pity because there are no onward connections for LH passengers beyond KUL (other than CGK).
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