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  1. ADL is a nice airport, but it is not so good for international flights. On arrival, you would be forced to walk close to 100 metres along enclosed corridor (it has some nice Australian landscapes) to get to the immigration/custom (don't quite remember which). It used to be very straightforward.
  2. Back in the days, if you're scrolling through Instagram you can see who sits on MH first class. I think it's well known that BN cronies loved to upgrade themselves.
  3. Just remember, it was under previous government that they decided on having a First Class on A350 primarily to cater for government officials. I wonder if this re-branding has to do with the changes of PH government travel policy.
  4. I think it's more to do with near misses and poor management. "However, it has struggled with issues of safety and poor management and was banned, along with other Indonesian airlines, from flying into European airspace until 2016. Its first deadly accident in 2004 saw 26 people killed and more than 100 injured when a Lion Air plane skidded at an airport in the central Java city of Solo, with the airline blaming bad weather and strong tailwinds. In 2013, a rookie pilot at the controls of a Lion Air plane undershot the runway and landed in the sea off Bali, splitting the plane in two and forcing passengers to swim to safety. Remarkably no one was killed in the accident. Three years later, two Lion Air passenger planes clipped wings as they were about to take off from Jakarta’s main Soekarno-Hatta airport." https://www.scmp.com/news/asia/southeast-asia/article/2170738/history-indonesias-lion-air-blighted-deadly-accident-2004
  5. Is MH going to get more A350? It seems to be very reliable and is the right size for MH.
  6. Is it because it was a night flight? On my recent night flight, crew retreated to the galley and only walked once awhile so that they did not to disrupt passengers. Even QF has this policy that they would make fewer announcement and cabin crew would not walk around much to allow pax to rest.
  7. On my last flight KUL-ADL,they served rice with chicken kurma and it was really good. Definitely one of the best meals I ever had on MH.
  8. I find it so odd to introduce this welcoming gesture.
  9. SQ 787-10 is only for regional routes. They will be fitted with new regional business class seats, which are different from the ones currently found on A350.
  10. That Irish flag adds some colours to MH livery. MH had A330-200 before, so technically not the first.
  11. Poor 747-8 having to wear this new livery http://www.airliners.net/photo/Lufthansa/Boeing-747-830/4832613/L
  12. I saw it on instagram and I thought it was a joke!
  13. Still not an excuse to be so relaxed with the language.
  14. You missed a few apostrophes there.
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