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  1. OD will get 3 more B737NG in addition to the 3 they already have now. On the B737 MAX side, I think they have 19 now. No more delivery this year. On the rumor side, OD might be eyeing for some A330 next year. Still on rumor basis.
  2. So MH is returning to Padang? They used to fly there, during the last days of the old airport and the early days of the new one. Then, as usual, they give it away to low-cost competitors.
  3. No, another one. Mjets could be their temporary name
  4. Seems like Mjets, They are in the phase of getting the AOC.
  5. Can't help it since most of our politicians are socialists, and they have been teaching socialist propaganda to the masses for a long time.
  6. Funny that TK can increase their flights to 11 weekly, and yet a few years ago MH cancelled their IST flights. (My profile photo is taken during one of the IST flight)
  7. No, not that I think the tax should be equal between the classes. Just don't like the "What is RM 150 to them?" part. Agree on the GST part. They should've keep it. The next time they reintroduce the GST, there will be another change in government. But even without GST, we are already paying a lot in taxes, just that it was done so subtly that we don't even realize it.
  8. I found this type of thinking very disturbing. We are still not a socialist country, despite attempts by lots of politicians. The taxiway connecting KLIA2 to 32L should be closed and removed, so KLIA2 can be totally different airport.
  9. Found it. According to Google Maps, it takes about 2.5 hours to get to old BDO from the new airport. It takes a few minutes more to travel by road from CGK to BDO.
  10. I guess the Americans are just as unacceptable as the Singaporeans.
  11. Been flying to BDO a few times, heard about "a new airport for Bandung" but never see anything within logical distance to the city. So where is this KJT?
  12. Malindo is doing wet lease for Samoa Airways. LNW is being used for the purpose. https://www.radionz.co.nz/international/pacific-news/386425/samoa-airways-plane-cleared-to-fly
  13. Usually, when there is a collision between aircraft and ground vehicle, the aircraft is rarely at fault. Aircraft have the right of way if there is ever a conflict.
  14. I noticed a lot of passengers to DPS from KUL are from Indian subcontinent flights, arriving around sunrise. The flights from DPS arrive KUL around 3 - 4 pm; most flights to Indian subcontinent are around sunset. Good idea too.
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