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  1. May I know how did you come to this conclusion?
  2. Joke. They haven't even signed anything yet. It's hearsay for now with regards to the 321 XLR. But knowing MH, it wouldn't be inconceivable that they might use the 320 XLR for say secondary cities in South/East Asia (e.g. ATQ, AMD, FUK), Australia e.g. DRW/CNS, or second daily flight to KIX/ICN/PEK/PVG. I always thought CX was the one vetoing their application. CX wants CA. oneworld is still quite loose with QF not exactly friends with a few members, CX is pretty much doing their own thing. I'd prefer if they invite a central Europe or Latin America partner instead. These are 2 huge holes that needed to be filled.
  3. New routes announced for Summer 2025: KUL-DXB-LGW/MAN, KUL-BNE-CHC/WLG, KUL-GUM-HNL-LAX/SFO 😬 I hope if they do get the XLR/Neo, please configure it better than the Max. Will the 737Max fleet will be moved over to FY in the medium term or will MH operate both 320/737 should this materialize.
  4. I am curious why Batik Air Malaysia is still selling KUL-DXB tickets when they didn't get any slots for KUL-DXB this winter.
  5. Is Firefly trying to be a full time charter? If they aren't getting new planes and they have pretty much maxed out their fleet, how do they fly to these far away destinations? I am curious if more routes are on the chopping block besides those in Borneo.
  6. What's going on with MH's A333 fleet? It seems like the schedules are all messed up again. And now instead of delaying, they are canceling and assigning a new flight number for the replacement flight. e.g. MH54 to KIX is operating today and Friday morning (instead of Tuesday and Thursday night), so there'd be 2 KUL-KIX flights today and Friday. MH 64/86 is the new early morning flight to ICN (replacing MH66). MH7x (IIRC MH74) is one of the early morning daytime flights to NRT replacing MH88. 9M-MAC went tech at LHR a few days ago. I am curious how long management thinks this will hold with passengers.
  7. I doubt that'd be the case. If they listen to FB group, we would have better IFE, better seats/OTP, free alcohol on all flights, espresso based coffee rather than Old Town and Nescafe Gold Blend on say KUL-LHR in J. Maybe they'll switch the 7M8 to PKX instead (which is just about equidistance with KUL-ATQ). CA is using their 7M8 on their PEK-KUL (which surprisingly shows an upgrade to 333 for winter).
  8. Good news with interesting schedule. They are going to leave their aircraft RON at KUL (or I am curious if they are going to pair it with another Southern Indian city e.g. BLR/MAA). Not the biggest fan of India-MY redeye and this schedule sounds lovely. Malaysians are now eligible for 2 free (complimentary) e-visas to India until 30/6/2025, *not to be mistaken with visa-free/waiver*. Saves Malaysian pax $25USD per entry.
  9. The PEN-KUL-PEN is timed for the KUL-NKG turnaround. FY2954 PEN1600 - 1700KUL 738 246 FY2955 KUL0700 - 0800PEN 738 357 FY3842 KUL1740 – 2315NKG 738 246 FY3843 NKG0015 – 0545KUL 738 357 Good luck turning around FY2954 to FY 3842 in 40 minutes. I have a feeling FY 3842/3843 will be delayed quite often. I assume crew will operate FY2954-3842. Not sure if they'd deadhead back or stay in Nanjing for 2-3 nights.
  10. Seems like MH operated 2 additional NRT services this week timed for great onward connection to US/Canada. And rather odd they used a 2 digit number instead of MH 7xxx series. Flight operated 1JUN and will operate again 3JUN. MH48 KUL0600 - 1410NRT 333 MH49 NRT1545 - 2150KUL 333
  11. More like a question than an answer. Indian carriers can't seem to make Malaysia work. Perhaps we will see Indigo expand more here given that they signed codeshare/partnership to be implemented sometime in the future for beyond connections. 6E has since moved to T1 at KUL for easier connections.
  12. According to Singapore's MOT preliminary report, it appears that SQ 321 was likely flying over an area of developing convective activity (not too sure if that still counts as clear air turbulence). Media however are reporting that it's "rapid change in gravitational forces" which I guess it more click baity.
  13. I don't think the actual reason was ever disclosed. It was just rumors here and there, but it was QF who sponsored MH into Oneworld (fact). And the rest are just hearsay. QF was planning to set up a more premium/full service carrier based in KUL called RedQ (IIRC) during MH-QF OW annoucement. There was some bad blood between MH and QF when MH was in the process of becoming a Oneworld member and it remained till today. There were some rumors that MH (or Malaysian government) wants QF to move their SIN hub to KUL (IIRC, including moving one of the LHR flights via KUL). QF obviously objected to that simply because the demand from SIN is much higher and garners higher yield than MY market. There were a lot more transfer opportunities from SIN (QF also transfer non-OW pax from AF, KL etc from SIN.).
  14. QF left at the height of the AFC in the late 90s. Till this day, they have a lot of rights to Malaysia and beyond that aren't used. Doesn't mean Malaysia is not allowing competition. BA left and returned, left again and will return. There's some cooperation between BA and MH for beyond connections at both ends, so it makes sense for BA to return. BKK will be resumed from LGW, generally a much lower yielding airport. There's a tiff between QF and MH. IF they can get back in bed together we will see QF back at KUL. MY-AU is not a small market (excluding beyond connections).
  15. They might be secretly happy it's the Star Alliance theme. At least the media isn't showing their Golden Goose everywhere.
  16. Can you show some examples of this? Because AFAIK, BA had a daily LHR-KUL-PER at one point and LHR-KUL-SYD 3-4x weekly at one point. BA had free reign at KUL along with QF. JL/QF even had the exclusive rights to sell KUL-SIN-KUL last time. Lots of other European carriers were given fifth freedom, either to BKK or CGK. Lol. SG not protecting SQ. They may not have protectionist policies by law, but they have other means to protect SQ. Ever wonder why 3K is in T4 at SIN or there is no Air Asia Singapore? I don't know if CX moved to T4 by choice. KUL previously had something similar too. SQ wasn't able to renovate their KF lounge at KUL because MAHB will not give them the permit to do so. SG just knows how to market themselves well. Just need to scratch a bit and all will be revealed Everything except cars/roads. He was the one who made Malaysia a car-centric country. Even in his second term by canceling a lot of public transit services.
  17. That makes sense. It's not open for sale on the GDS. But what about the 737 that will be in KUL? Are they doing 3x flights a week each way between PEN/BKI and KUL?
  18. More importantly, where else do they plan to fly from KUL? Can't see them just basing a 737 here. And maybe at SZB? So they'll have 4 bases (PEN, SZB, KUL, BKI) with <10 planes? lol. Is FY really going to overnight their crew there for 2-3 nights lol. Doesn't sound very FY to me. I am sure all hell will break loose if they do it as a turnaround. Deadheading will eat up quite a bit of real estate.
  19. What about under performing ministers / Tourism Malaysia staff? I wasn't aware that Shell was flying people who work at petrol stations between Amsterdam and KL. AFAIK, Shell only wants to sell their retail business. You may not see ExxonMobil on the roads anymore but they are still actively hiring in Malaysia.
  20. Seems like 19th May MH318 to PKX returned to base close to Hanoi. Flight path showed that they circle Hanoi just before the Chinese border and the head out to South China Sea trying to go around Hainan Island before returning back to KUL. Was there a problem with CN airspace or did the aircraft had a problem (seems a bit unlikely given the path but I am not sure).
  21. That means they have done away with the registration for first time e-gate visitors. Anyone holding a passport those 46 countries/territories can just use e-gates without pre-registration.
  22. Malaysia government is known for updating their websites We even listed Yugoslavia as a country on MFA's website not too long ago and we copied and pasted Singapore's equivalent of visitor arrival card. So previously you had to go to an immigration officer so that they can inspect you on arrival in person. But this time (I assume this is your first visit to Malaysia this year?), you waltzed through the e-gates without having to register with an officer at the desk to the right of the e-gates?
  23. Previously yes but from what I read, they have abolished the fingerprint or at least registration as a first time user recently. First time users can just waltz through the e-gates now and I was curious if that was the case with you.
  24. You have to look for the yellow color A4 sized paper maybe at about waist level as you approach the immigration counters. And you have to look for the word "Australia" printed maybe in font size 18 along with the 9 other countries lol. They actually have a 32" TV on top of the health check area asking passport holders of those 10 countries to use the e-gates. But most are unaware of it. Did you have to register for it manually at the counter (if it's your first time) or did you just fill in your MDAC and head straight to the e-gates? From what I gather, they have done away with the registration for first time users and passengers can just use the e-gates once they have filled in their MDAC forms. But Malaysia being Malaysia, they haven't learned to be concise yet. If you've ever driven on a highway in Malaysia, try looking at those electronic advisory boards. They expect you to read a novel when you are driving through at 100 km/h.
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