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  1. I think it’s probably MAHB that terminated them (IIRC), not airlines that threw in the towel. I thought I read somewhere that MAHB wanted to consolidate the lounges. I can understand if 1 or 2 or 3 airlines choose to close their own lounges, but for all of them to close sounds a bit more sus. TG, CX, EK, SQ have all closed their own respective lounges. EK almost always have their own lounge in a decently large outport city. SQ has a huge presence at KUL too.
  2. Just passed by the Plaza Premium Lounge. It’s…..crowded. They closed the one in satellite permanently so I am not sure how they’ll be able to handle everything at the new main concourse lounge. In addition to pretty much half of credit card users worldwide, it also serves SQ, QR, TG, CZ, BR, CI, TK amongst others that uses this lounge. TK, QR, CZ, BR, CI premium pax apparently get to use Plaza Premium First tho. I heard there’s a new lounge opened in the satellite concourse - The Travel Club. Not sure which airline that caters to. I am curious if there are plans for other consolidated lounge(s) at satélite since it’s quite a trek from main to satellite with the bus (and even when the trains were running).
  3. From Aeroroutes: Istanbul – Kuala Lumpur TK60/61 30OCT23 – 13NOV23 2 of 7 weekly B789 replaces B77W TK62/63 eff 29OCT23 A359 replaces B789 KUL will be TK's sole 7 weekly B77W destination in Southeast Asia for TK's NW23 schedule. SIN will get it 1-2 weekly B77W services. CGK will be downgraded to A359.
  4. I forgot if I read it here or somewhere else. The whole track (rail) needs to be swapped out as well because the rail we used are no longer in production?
  5. Because a 10k flight last 24 hours on Insta where as a 30k bag lasts a lifetime on Insta
  6. I don't know if GDP per capita is a reliable factor to determine the number of full service carriers in a country. Vietnam has less than half of Malaysia's GDP per capita but yet VN has 2 full service carriers. Taiwan isn't exactly known as a high yielding destination. In fact it's the opposite - Taiwan has been well-known as a low-yield destination for most airlines.
  7. Same plane service. Doubt there are that many KUL-DPS-SYD flyers on board - I think most of them are DPS-SYD and DPS-KUL.
  8. Agreed. I flew it MYY-KUL and I thought it was almost at the tipping point of torture flight. TWU/SDK would be a big no no, and god forbid, PER/DEL/BOM/PVG. Ah the good old days when we thought 180 on the 320 was bad! At least we haven't sunk down to gone Euro J/Y yet.
  9. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king 😬 Pretty much all of Malaysia's carriers are low-cost. Why can't we be Taiwan with 3 full service carriers instead 😬 Btw, MH should take a look at MyAirline's social and marketing team. They are doing a fantastic job. They really know how to market new routes and their products.
  10. I feel like this would have been a bigger issue (possible runway incursion and not following ATC's orders?) but I guess the YouTuber is just doing it for clicks. I watched it without sound but it appears that the video was solely focusing on MH aircraft - who knew if the BA plane took off or if BA needed to exit the runway and check some stuff again.
  11. Rather than posting one in each airline, I think it's better to have a consolidated MAVCOM ATR bulletin for all Malaysia based carriers. March 2022 bulletin was an interesting one with lots of (limited) rights unused/unwanted posted. Instead of hitting the AU weekly capacity cap, it appears that a lot of airlines have returned AU rights back to MAVCOM: D7 (1,508 seats); OD (998 seats); MH (776 seats) making a total of 3,282 weekly seats returned. And who knew D7 held the rights for 3x weekly KUL-SHJ-ZRH?! On the expansion side, it seems like OD wants to make TFU (Chengdu) as their focus city in China where the carrier applied for KUL/BKI/LGK-TFU rights along with oddly enough a daily PEN-HAK flight! KUL-SAW is back again (or did they apply for KUL-IST?) for OD as well. And finally MyAirline also applied for 7 weekly each DMK and HKT in addition to SIN for their international expansion.
  12. Didn't know Air Asia has elite tiers
  13. I say it's a crew situation. Some old timers will remember everything from the golden years and some younger ones may need a bit of fine tuning. I've been personally greeted as a OWE on some regional flights irrespective of class like you (and sometimes you get stares from your seat neighbor why is the IFS greeting you personally by name) and a thank you/goodbye at the door by name too. Sometimes they ask if you want anything extra with your meal (e.g. they might be able to sneak a bottle of sparkling water for you and they gave me enough peanut bags to feed a village during the pandemic). I've always been greeted personally by name for medium/long haul.
  14. Seems like MH has a new code for their newly refurbished 737s. "738" is old configuration and "73H" is the new configuration, subject to last minute swap of course.
  15. Interesting. But I think one of the main reasons MH uses 333 for MH714/715 is so that connecting pax from UK/IN/JP (plus pax from Oman Air) can fly a wide body from KUL to DPS (in addition to local traffic and a high demand route of course). IIRC, MH used to do 2x 772 and 2x 737 and it was the 9AM and 3PM from KUL that gets the 772 service. Mainline SQ has 6 daily to DPS, 2 on 7M8 (first and last flight) with the rest on 787-10 and they are all either morning or evening with no flights between 0915 and 1610. I have always wondered about MH's BKK schedule. 0900, 1210, 1500, 1600, 1745 ex-KUL. I am curious why they have 3 flights almost an hour apart in the afternoon.
  16. I have done it once and I say never again. Intra-peninsula/SG/KNO sure - anything works for me but not anywhere further. Y is probably same if not worse than Euro Y now.
  17. Thank you for the info. Interesting for DPS - I wonder if they plan to reintroduce the highly unpopular redeye to/from DPS again or something between 9 AM and 12 noon. IIRC, MH used to serve CCU, KHI at one point in time and of course they did IST, AMS, CDG about a decade ago. Let's hope they don't use 7M8 for long and thin routes e.g. secondary cities in KR/JP/IN/AU. The refurbished 737-800 is bad enough for a 2.5 hour KUL-BKI whether in Y or J - can't imagine a 5-6 hour flight to say PUS/DRW/KHI. And for non Plats, just select BM and you'll always be routed to a call center in Malaysia 😬 I vaguely remember a BOB snack menu in the Going Places magazine (that's in addition to your regular free meal). I wanted to see if they updated the Going Places webpage but it doesn't help when one of their dropdown menu highlights is "CNY 2021@Home".
  18. I don't think MH is trying to compete with SQ. If anything, MH is placing their code on SQ so they can fly MH passengers everywhere 🤣. In all honesty, MH's new 738 configuration is the same as QF's new 738 configuration (same number of J+Y seats and both are dark - i.e. no IFE) but doesn't mean it's good. It's just where the world is heading now - everyone wants cheap fares. SQ and to a certain extent, Singapore, is great at marketing themselves as "world class". However, that's all fluff. World's widest business class bed? Sure if you want to slept an angle and contort your body if you are taller than 178cm. I am not a fan of their business class beds because it's really difficult to sleep on that seat/bed (be it the 77W/359/380 newer J). I'll make an exception for the bulkhead row - those are comfortable. Give me CX/BR reverse herringbone, JL Apex sky suite anytime. Heck, I slept better on TK's 333/77W J seats than SQ's non-bulkhead J.
  19. I like how you put Sarawak-owned airline as foreign carriers 😂 After all, us Semenanjung get a 3-month visa waiver upon arrival.
  20. On paper: It will look like Pavilion Bukit Bintang. Upon completion: It looks like Paradigm Kelana Jaya. They aren't the best developers out there even for their Pavilion brand. Everyone thinks their Pavilion brand is akin to their Bukit Bintang project but from what I read, most are disappointed with WCT/Pavilion brand upon VP
  21. Full release from MH and its highlights: How will MH fly 1x 333 service to HKG, TPE, CAN, PVG, PEK when they are already short of aircraft? They have some room from the canceled 4x weekly BNE flights but they also have DOH 2x daily plus JED/MED. HKG as it is only served once a week on a 332 and the rest are 738.
  22. Is MH affected by the announced Boeing's 7M8 delayed deliveries or is it too early to tell?
  23. I think most of the world's carriers are heading that way? QF newly refurbished 737-800s share the same capacity (also dark; without IFE) as MH's refurbished 737-800s. Seems like every carrier is racing to the bottom and consumers are OK with that as long as they cheaper air tickets. Well MH service is way better than BA/LH for sure but I am not sure if that'll make up for Nescafe Gold Blend.
  24. Indeed. It was on a few of their social media. The article didn't exactly paint MAHB in a bright light but yet an intern decided to publish it on their social media. Maybe they are expecting donations (e.g. "Tabung Aerotrain") 🤣 I have no idea that they owned/operated palm oil estates but the report is out there. They are a public company.
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