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  1. Most are cancelled mid August. Time to repaint some aircraft and refurbish the 330s in time for a September relaunch?
  2. Malaysia Airlines considers tie-up with Etihad Airways as restructuring process slowly begins Source: http://centreforaviation.com/analysis/malaysia-airlines-considers-tie-up-with-etihad-as-restructuring-process-slowly-begins-172934 In summary: The possibility of further extending code shares, plus, an equity stake, subject to regulatory approval.
  3. Not an ad but a nice touch by SQ on Valentine's Day. http://youtu.be/vhAG8GtTldo
  4. Certain flights departing to KK and KCH in the afternoon and evening have high tea served, instead of a regular meal in Business class. Options include finger sandwiches, a scone with butter, cream and jam and hot savouries like a sausage roll, mini mushroom chicken pie etc. economy options remain the same
  5. In a few words, classy, relatable and straight to the point. The new SQ campaign, 'The Lengths we go through" Enjoy! http://youtu.be/Dv5Jt-nMfxw http://youtu.be/F_wxDuN3WNA http://youtu.be/R8f1AWJkXX0
  6. Preview of the new SQ ad campaign. Personally, I like the theme. 'The lengths we go to' is reminiscent to 'Going beyond expectations'. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Io-XCojpIgE
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=cMLsCZsnHRM Here's the latest one from MH. I thought it was a samsonite ad. Lol.
  8. I'd try it. Looks very decent and not 'musnah harapan' at all. I like the colours. As much as I love flying with TG, there is a little too much purple in Royal Silk on the A380. Economy class seat covers look a tad awful with that pattern. Reminds me of reading trip reports on A.net on Biman's older planes. Well done though.
  9. Hello -MSA! Source: http://www.aviationphotographic.com/2013/02/maylasia-737-800/
  10. "MAS said it was introducing these benefits on all its flights that used the weight system for checked baggage, and that it was not applicable for travel to and from Los Angeles where charges are based on the piece system. Under the new baggage guidelines, all adult and child passengers will enjoy 30, 40, and 50kg free baggage allowance for travel on economy, business and first class respectively." More from http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2013/2/9/nation/20130209132007&sec=nation
  11. http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2013/2/8/nation/12687117&sec=nation A new one piece dress with a slim belt and a scarf. From this To this, in the jet era To this. From The Star online
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