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  1. The songket motif to me is symbolic of the veil covering MAB, its cloudy direction from passenger's point of view, although I am certain its management is all focused in returning to profit with the current high travel demand. The question is will it be able to sustain such strategies in the coming years
  2. Or the person needs to learn from a particular person the difference between million and billion ?
  3. economy class service enhancement https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/malaysia-airlines-makes-economyclass-travel-more-affordable
  4. Same with me yesterday on Raya eve at around 5pm. Tonnes of luggage, made eye contact with one staff who just waved me through. The three ladies were huddled together watching something on a phone. 3 seconds later, just after I walked past the scanner, one of them shouted to the passenger behind me with one single luggage, "scan bag! scan bag!"
  5. https://www.thestartv.com/v/malaysia-airlines-new-horizontal-fare-family-plan-allows-flexibility-for-economy-class-passengers Listen to his justifications ...
  6. The U turn might boil down to this - will MAB be able to offer BOB and make it profitable, given the high cost of its catering contract and limited routes for such 'income generating' endeavour.? Or it might be due to wrong loading of info by the IT dept, of which I'm surprised at all.
  7. Very likely the check in agents and cabin crews will be getting short end of the stick from uninformed passengers. Decision makers blind deaf and dumb to their grouses
  8. But thats what our customers want ... flexibility to choose whether to pay for food and check in baggage ... MAB will justify. TF rubbing hands in glee
  9. Not just London but Japan and South Korea. I buy tonnes of junk from those countries (including bidet), almost bursting the allowance all the time. So bye bye love.... bye bye happiness...
  10. aisey... sarcasm la my previous post! Wish MAB all the best in these measures to be profitable again. Ahh but it needs to perform CPR / resurrect its dead mobile app since a major 'revamp' a few days ago
  11. Diligently weigh all cabin luggage, strict enforcement during check in for number and weight. Have a weighing scale and hawk eyed staff at before immigration/at boarding gate to reinforce rule. Be LCC and reap the rewards for a profitable year!
  12. Just found out that Y seat selection fee also raised by substantial amount. Anyone knows when this was started? Never paid for any MH Y seat, not sure if the whopping rise in seat selection fee will be utilized by many...
  13. The tables are simple to use, both for MAB check in agent and customers? No?
  14. He would have blamed it on the air quality of klia2 if I had sneezed there...
  15. Watching re-run of this programme in NHK World : Japanology Plus - the wonders of air travel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bv7jkpZCwNE Not sure where to place this - mod, please move to correct thread as needed.
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