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  1. AFAIK,its not the uniform that identifies a crew member but you need to display your airport ID from your issuing country,like ASICs from Australia and AVSEC from NZ if you're clearing using Gendec.Thats what they will tick your name against in gen dec when they ask you to show ID that's already hanging on you. If you're travelling using a boarding pass,even for duty travel purposes and decide to display your ID you will get told off for doing so as you're not meant to do that.
  2. I agree with you fully m8,never mind changi now its a forbidden zone,due $,workforce etc etc.But klia can stand-on its own bloody 2 feet and clean its act up,unfortunately thats us malaysians we do things the best,mega shiny then leave it alone for 20 years,that includes me,my condo for example.Thanks tho for doing the toilets there were amazing.
  3. Gosh what were they thinking? flew back 6 hours after the first decision to divert and 25 percent IFE screens blanked out.wow.Should have sticked on to canary islands as per their initial decision which was only 900 nm from their location. https://simpleflying.com/air-france-777-10-hour-diversion/
  4. gonna be used t bring home stranded thomas cook passengers
  5. Nice to see charging stations at Klia,was at gate H2 and some was available with seats next to them. Unfortunately for me I charged my phone at the ones where you have to stand by them and when boarding call was made to AKL,just boarded the plane leaving the phone charging behind.
  6. Either that or we tax payers continue paying for MH when the money can be better used for public amenities. I knoe its a bitter pill to swallow but lets face it.its a better run country and a better run airline. Hence lets put our pride aside and see if this sharing of MRO facilities lowers cost,with only 6 A350 not worth stocking up on parts. Ek (bleeding in their own way) or any other airline is not keen to tie up with MH or it would have happened.At least the Singaporeans did.Kudos to them.
  7. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-singapore-air-malaysia-airlines/singapore-airlines-malaysia-airlines-to-explore-wide-ranging-partnership-idUSKCN1TS1A6 The best thing that could happen to MH is they share their resources(MRO) with SQ as well as long haul code share.
  8. Agreed I'd like to know, if you are the CEO of MAB and you are reviewing the contracts and you noticed that the contract is BS, all signed by your predecessors with hefty penalty for breaking the contract. The supplier/caterer knows that they are ripping MAB off, MAB knows that they are being ripped off, the public knows that MAB is being ripped off, what can/are you going to do with the long-term contract? Simple.pay the hefty penalty.And correct the situation at hand.But do it right and award tenders correctly.Many SATS stuff come from malaysia.Saw the water bottle that is given to every pax Y CLASS on sin london bottled and packed in malaysia.
  9. Thanks ong for the amazing pictures.Sitting so far away from Malaysia,its nice to see whats happening there.Thank you again.
  10. Hopefully you too will do some meaning full reading too..
  11. Klia seems to be sliding lower and lower as years go past by on world airport ranking.What are some of the basic ideas that can be implemented for passengers to improve the services.posted by ja singh Chris Tan responded Posted 09 April 2019 - 02:34 AM 1) Place a gigantic teddy bear in the middle of the MTB2) Convert the little patch of rainforest in the centre of the Satellite into a massive waterfall 3) Upholster the benches with Nappa leather 4) Turn the roof of the Satellite into a huge hibiscus garden to showcase our national pride. 5) Replace that wretched aerotrain system with a maglev rail line. 6) Quadruple the PSC so we can beat Singapore in taxes, too. Any other ideas? Hey Chris,well at least I read meaningful publications/articles on aviation and not throw empty bullets/personal attacks at other, like as per your comment/s above to me.And by the way the Boeing CEO did apologize in the end,much later albeit.The problem was that he knew the concerns all along from day 1 ,just you didn't,hence why you asked me to forward the concerns to him.But wasn't me who told him.lol https://arstechnica.com/cars/2019/06/we-are-very-sorry-boeing-ceo-apologizes-for-737-max-deaths/
  12. You're right there. The most concerning design flaw is is due to the big engines and their higher position,the plane tends to pitch up on take off,and to make matters worst the nacelles then tend to work "as a wing" and give the plane "a lift effect", And the lift they produce is well ahead of the wing’s center of lift, meaning the nacelles will cause the 737 Max at a high angle of attack to go to a even "higher angle of attack". Hence the nacelles makes a bad problem worse. It will be interesting to see if the max 10 doesn't inherit this characteristics as it will have a longer fuselage,perhaps, hopefully?
  13. Read the article and you will understand what it proves.
  14. 737 MAX Ferry Flight Blocked From German Airspace (Not Lion air Or Ethiopian Airlines) https://liveandletsfly.boardingarea.com/2019/06/15/737-max-german-airspace/
  15. As I see it you've not read in-depth about the issues plaguing the max 8 and the rush to put in in service to compete with the A320neo,thus cutting many corners.Instead blame the airlines which is very wrong on your part.Yes Lion air has tainted safety record but in this case its a different story all together.Just look at it as a individual catastrophe and read up and you will understand better with with what was/is wrong with the max 8 stall characteristics needing the introduction of flawed software,MCAS t be precise. Here is a list of flaws by boeing and the max 8: 1. Not training or informing pilots/FAA about MCAS,reason being no need to retain so save money,only 1 hour lesson on IPAD for transition from 800 to max.The Lion air pilots never knew this software existed on their aircraft as they weren't informed. 2.Only using ONE reading from the angle of attack sensor to activate MCAS despite having 2 AOA sensors.(Only from the side of the flying pilot) 3.Warning light in cockpit which alerts pilots if the readings from the 2 AOA sensors differ widely (hence if one is faulty as in the case of Lion air) was not installed as standard equipment,but as optional hence airlines would have to pay for it extra for such an important tool of safety. 4. FAA was informed that MCAS only moves the horizontal tail by 0.6 degrees but boeing realised during flight test it wasn't enough to avert a high speed stall and thus changed that to 2.5 degrees without informing anyone including FAA. Here is an amazing documentary on other issues that led to the creation of max 8: I would appreciate if you can watch it and get a better understanding of the situation at hand as the world sees it and after that I would like to hear if you still think that what you wrote above is the reality,Suhaimi.So please watch first and then let us know.thanks
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