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  1. you dont make peace by offending people and try to relieve old feud that's for sure! where's ur logic??
  2. so just accept the fact that other ppl may have different opinion about this new campaign, why do you want to force ppl to agree with you?? and yeah right you are a peace loving non confrontational ppl and see your comment in other topic and you are the person who tried to relieve old issue on MAVCOM, dont try to be clever coz ur not! and that's ur idea of not making personal attack??? WHAT A JOKE!
  3. reported, dont try to be funny and relieve old issues
  4. always saw one parked at the far end of satellite building..seems not being utilised much
  5. good to see consistency in service as i believe they dont have different fare structure for both SQ/MI flights ex KUL to make it justifiable
  6. it's just that other people have their own opinion so as you, nothing serious about it
  7. reminds me of SQ's ads as well especially the pouring of chinese tea and the basic concept of the airlines personnel represent the culture of the country....
  8. interested to know whether the plane has been repainted back to normal livery or special livery
  9. couldnt fault him..he's just trying to mitigate the effect of Rafidah's support to PH on Airasia's business..and Rafidah had expressly explained the fact transpired that lead to Tony's statement..people should just be reasonable to accept that many people were oppressed under the previous govt and be professional about it..i never believe tony was a supporter of MO1 ever.....
  10. as long as it relates in anyway to govt expenditure im sure it will be reviewed
  11. MAB may refuse to service AAX and it may cause disruptions to pax..hope it wont go to that extent
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPp4OK6fxT4 another clearer video, no major damage i believe, even the wheels are intact
  13. have to admit no complain in terms of AK's seat comfort, but the tight legroom is only bearable for 1 or 2 hours flights
  14. i see, dont see myself flying narrowbody to australia anytime soon though....
  15. wonder if they are targeting load ex KUL or DPS.....
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