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  1. Took the FM flight to KUL, 6 hrs is fine.
  2. They should have KLIA to KLIA2 free-aerotrain.
  3. Great shots JL pix in KUL quite rare
  4. Wow excellent night photography, A380 shot is stunning, must say
  5. Truly awesome! One of my fav topic here in MW keep it up TK
  6. Thanx for the info MAR, excellent so far for their A380. Hopefully they can pick themselves up from this new aircrafts...
  7. this thread is worthless without pixies
  8. Instead, why can't they run one train and give up the other for what ever they want to do?
  9. been to that airport, wish im there now to witness the event.
  10. The cabin looks bit tight get rid of the dimmer! haha
  11. EK seat is fine, im almost 6ft, no problem flying EK, in fact quite comfy...why bother cabin crew when u only interact with them barely minutes out of the 14 hours flight. Pax probably spend most of their time with IFE.
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