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  1. Cheers Liam. I'll see what I can capture when I leave for KUL tomorrow.
  2. Hi LeeCH. Do you know when the planes will be leaving SIN? I'll be leaving SIN for KUL on 22 Nov so perhaps I can spot some of them in the terminal?
  3. Just arrived in SIN from my flight from CHC. On my way out of the airport I saw two Japan Air Force B744s. Just to pass on the info to some SIN spotters who may want to shoot them.
  4. Okay, enough of Air New Zealand bunch for now.... Here are some of my SQ collections... A little fogging up... Speaking of bending wings, the SQ isn't doing too bad here... Notice the vortex over the wing Different spot on a different day... In CHC you get plenty of people stopping by just to watch planes Too bad for an overcast day And a little guy...
  5. From the photos KLM crews do look very friendly. To date I haven't had any waving pilots in CHC.
  6. Very nice shots again guys! Thanks for sharing them. And Gavin, congrats on getting a DSLR and becoming one of the dark-siders.
  7. You're welcome Uncle Pieter. I've only flown in those 'beast' once on Palmerston North to Wellington route. There is only one (cramped) seat on each side of the cabin. You can see the cockpit too....so I guess the experience can be somewhat like that of the Twin Otters. We get lots of bendy ATR down here. I'll have more ATR shots for you over time. Okay, refuelling (of photos) time... Another Air New Zealand gang... The younger brother meets the older brothers... The usual Arab dropping by gracefully.... Nose of who? I think you know... With every nose, comes with a tail... Show me the fans... Oh yeah! Tail and winglet combo... More to come...
  8. Thanks and you're welcome Uncle Norman. You guys feed us with shots from Malaysia and we'll feed you guys with shots from NZ! Here are some more... For Pieter who will surely fly in these when he visits NZ The newer type of prop in the fleet... Yes...look into my eyes... I mean, lense! The usual Air New Zealand gang...
  9. Very nice catches Raj. Oh by the way, that Fokker in question used to belong to NZ Post if I remember correctly. Okay, my turn to feed you guys with shots from CHC. Waving from the left Blink blink!
  10. Thanks Raj. I'm enjoying your shots from AKL too. I'll feed you with CHC shots and you'll feed me with AKL shots. Uncle Pieter, I managed to dig up the following routes which uses the Beechcraft 1900D. I've made the list starting from the main centres. Pardon me if I missed a few routes. Christchurch - Hokitika - Christchurch Christchurch - Wanaka - Christchurch Wellington - Palmerston North - Wellington Wellington - Blenheim - Wellington Wellington - Westport - Wellington Wellington - Nelson - Wellington Auckland - Whangarei - Auckland Auckland - Tauranga - Auckland Auckland - Hamilton - Auckland Auckland - Rotorua - Auckland Auckland - Taupo - Auckland Auckland - Wanganui - Auckland Auckland - Whakatane - Auckland Auckland - Gisborne - Auckland I hope the list helps a bit. Please note that on some routes 1900D will only be used at certain times of the day. If you want the flight times please visit airnz.co.nz. They provide the times and the aircraft used.
  11. Sorry for being quiet guys. Have had a busy week. Probably just aligning the last minute. The day was pretty calm. If you like props, then CHC is a pretty good place to be. I didn't realise that Andrew. Thanks for sharing with us that. Thanks Nor Sani, glad you're enjoying them. Here are some more... Rolls Royce all the way! This Fokker is in a very sorry state...
  12. Excellent shots from you KC. Thanks for sharing them for those who can't see A380 in real life.
  13. Good shots Liau. It's nice to see clean blue skies returning to KL.
  14. Enjoyed all the shots Naim. Thanks for sharing. I really like the sunset shots.
  15. I guess at every airport there is always something a spotter dislikes. In CHC we can drive up to the fences (except this spot) and either shoot through the fences or perhaps bring a ladder or stool to stand on. The most convenient spot to spot in CHC is still the open air observation deck.
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