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  1. I have just been checking timings of MH flights from London as my daughters are flying home this weekend and on both the MH website and Flightradar24 MH1 on Sat 26th is scheduled to depart LHR at 20.15 GMT and arrive in KUL at 00.25 on Monday morning! This is a flight time of over 20 hours. All the other MH1 flights on other days before and after have a flight time of 13 hours. Does anyone know why this particular flight is so long? (is someone diverting the flight for a shopping trip?) BTW, it doesn't affect my daughters as they are on MH3 leaving on Sat morning with a flight time of 12.50 hours, so the question is academic. Thanks
  2. In the SIN Golden Lounge for the last time MAS is dead, long live.................? I suppose we'll have to wait until Tuesday to find out! Am flying to CGK on Tuesday, so lets see.
  3. "And importantly, the key to turning around MAS is getting the stakeholders on your side i.e. the workers, unions, government, suppliers and all those in MAS' eco-system," said Chin, who is a member of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission's Consultation and Prevention advisory panel." Excuse me Datuk Chin, what about Customers?
  4. I am in agreement with this. I enjoy the 380 flight to LHR (morning or evening flights), the aircraft is comfortable and the cabin crew are generally very professional and attentive. If MAS doesn't have the 380 for this flight (and I'm not sure which other plane it could deploy on this route without giving it up completely, and I can not believe that MAS would give up MH001 and MH002), then it is likely I'd have to switch to QR and suffer the stopover in Doha (or even at a stretch fly BA!).
  5. To djsflyn, my sincere apologies for my action. It was done in haste at my surprise at the news. Again, I do apologise.
  6. Just read this.......http://www.ausbt.com.au/malaysia-airlines-puts-its-entire-airbus-a380-fleet-up-for-sale Edited: Tu kan dah si tukang tulis cerita dah marah2 kat bawah ni. Lain kali kalau artikel mamat ni tak boleh suka2 hati kopipes - Moderator.
  7. Sounds like the crew did a great job sorting out this d10t http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-london-30308697 Not quite sure what happened here, but everytime I timed10t, it shows as d10t!? Honestly, it's not my typing skills, somehow my text is amended. Maybe the forum does not liked10t, so can I use the word to describe this person as tw*t??
  8. Thanks Henry, I didn't receive the email, however, my previous five sectors were credited with double elite sector points. Strange.
  9. Is the double Elite sector points promotion still going, or has it stopped early? I thought it was continuing to mid Dec, but my last sector was only credited with standard level of points.
  10. My last three return flights over the past month, HAN, PVG, CGK, have all been near full. Obviously can't say what the yield was on those flights though.
  11. You can qualify for Enrich Gold on Economy only (not necessarily full fare), I have achieved this for the past few years. But, your comment of regularly is the key!
  12. Rumour circulating (unconfirmed) that the plane has been found in Straits of Malacca.
  13. Just announce on NST: http://www.nst.com.my/latest/font-color-red-missing-mh370-font-hopes-as-fishermen-find-life-raft-near-pd-1.509222 Is it real??
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