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  1. Dont know if someone has posted it yet, if not, here it is! One of the now nonstop flights from Dubai to Melbourne will from 01 february 2010 make stops in Kuala Lumpur. It is a daily flight, EK408/409 and is operated by an Airbus A345. Schedule will be EK408 DXB0225 – 1320KUL1450 – 0125+1MEL 345 D EK409 MEL0310 – 08000930 – 1230DXB 345 D This means that it will be more serious competition for MH. There will be 3 operators on this route, EK, MH and D7, do you think there is a market for all these 3? Information was taken from http://airlineroute.net/2009/12/31/ek-kulmel/#more-16200 where it also says some more things. Happy new year!
  2. It will be interesting with this. How about slots etc. at JFK? Aren't those hard to get? Where will the A332's come from? Another LCC "Norweigan" also wants to start routes to Asia and USA from Norway with A330 or B767, probably next year or 2011.
  3. Or Pieter may be right! I've read at a swedish forum and they've found that there are still some flights to ARN from KUL. I believe that some flights will be via AMS too. Flight numbers that are found at the e-timetable on MH's website is 7302-7304, there may be some others too, these were shown on the dates at 17-18 dec. Anyone with some more info?
  4. The last period before MAS shut the route down the had really cheap return tickets between ARN and EWR, for 249-275€. I haven't heard anything that ARN will still be operated by 777 though I hope they'll come back, I think they can easily beat Thai, that has daily flights to ARN with old 747s if the price is right, and probably good connections to Thailand etc.
  5. Wow, I really liked that radar, it's kinda nice with pictures, facts about the airline etc. When we're discussing radar anyways I'll post a link, I hope that's ok, to a radar from Scandinavia, Poland, the baltic states, and even Greenland etc, though aircrafts to N. America are only seen at certain periods of the day and it usually depends on route too, http://www.flygradar.nu/?language=en to view the radar press the "live flygradar" in the right corner. The site doesn't work in Internet Explorer, only Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. I prefer the Google chrome one.
  6. Hello! I don't have so much info but I hope that it'll help you in some way. I travelled with my grandmother to MEL via KUL and she was in a WCHR. About the PNR question i'm not sure if this will help you but at her boarding pass it says WCHR in the corner. Deboard the aicraft as last person and they'll be waiting for you, what I can remember was that their uniform was darkblue, and then they take you to a seating area, it is in the satellite terminal somewhere around the tropical area/lounge. It's normal chairs there so nothing special, and a desk and there the staff is usually sitting waiting for their next mission. And then off to the next aircraft. Albin
  7. Nice pictures there! The front of the Lufthansa plane looks quite boring with so much white. I read an airliners.net post that QF31 made an diversion to KUL, it was scheduled between 23:00-23:50 and should have been an A380, too dark to get a picture I suppose. Information from Changi Airpots website says that the flight landed at 03:45, its STA was 22:30.
  8. It's sad to see that MH is moving out from ARN and EWR, though it didn't come as a shock, the loads hasn't been very good. For not too long there was a campaign, ARN-EWR-ARN for around 2500-300 SEK. That is around 250-300€ and that is really cheap. Another problem was that it was only 3x weekly, for example: TG has 1x daily to ARN. I really liked MH at ARN and had plans to visit Australia again next year with MH, though now it will probably be another airline..
  9. I did some dummy bookings on MH's website and CGK-MEL-CGK can be booked on MH 146/147, I assume this means this means that they have 5th freedom rights, anyone that can look it up more closely? I read somewhere I think that MEL was probably MH strongest destination in Australia, I dont see why making one of their daily via CGK on some weekdays..
  10. Nice pictures there Pieter! I have a qustion for you (or anyone else that can answer it) Do you know why MAS91 (EWR-ARN-KUL) today is operating EWR-ARN-AMS-KUL? It just departed ARN 20 minutes ago and is headed for AMS.
  11. I just saw at the MH e-timetable and between KUL and ARN there is 3x weekly. Though between ARN and EWR there is 2x weekly. Does this mean that the flight that departs on Sundays from KUL at 23:59 and arrives at ARN at 06:00 at Monday doesn't continue to EWR? I couldn't find it on ARN departures on Monday that it continues to EWR either, so it's at ARN and departs on Tuesdays at 13:35?
  12. I think I read from Airliners that this would start from the 2nd of April. I'm not sure but when MH changed from 772 to 744 I think they said that they needed the 772 on other routes instead. But could have something to do with Summer/Winter too, dont know about that. I've flown with both aircraft types on this route but I think that the 772 fits the route best.
  13. I don't know how all airlines has it but I belive that UM/YPTA is a service that you can request of for example MH if you feel that the childs needs that. Most airlines can offer that service, and some take a fee too. But it isn't mandatory to be registred as YPTA if you don't request it as far as I know.. but it depends on age too. http://malaysiaairlines.custhelp.com/cgi-b...amp;p_topview=1 It's not much information that I found on MH's website, but anyway.
  14. I think it may be hard to tell already now. And even if they can it can alwas be last-minute changes.
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