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  1. Why's there a Mazda 3 on its left
  2. 80 euros AF could be killing the others on the trip across the channel
  3. I would quote name='Y. J. Foo' date='28 April 2010 - 05:50 PM' timestamp='1272448209' post='254819'] Speaking of North Korea, anyone ever thought of going there?
  4. Very Sad 9V-SRE was the first and only 777er I ever took very sad At least its going to an airline that will look after it.
  5. Just like Jeremy Clarkson's Maserati http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWuCIuhdMPk
  6. It was unsuccessful as there was over capacity
  7. The point is the names sound so similar.
  8. Very at first I thought it was a Uk airline because of silver jet.
  9. I'm not suprised as there are too many 330's because they do have a lazy 747 fleet and the 737 is taking over some routes.
  10. If only SAS do one which also would be better, but nice to see a Thai retro jet.
  11. It should be said the child does a better job than the adult
  12. So Bne has industrial area all around it except the sea, I don't see the athourties complaining about mass killings if there was a crash.
  13. Just curious why emergency stop in SIN when KUL was closer. The PEN-KUL does not go past SIN
  14. Yeah KLIA can be a leader by putting LED lights found in most Audi's. LED lights are some of the most strongest and efficent lights. MAHB will save ringgit by these efficent lights, I have a LED tourch and visablility if 100% than a conventinal one.
  15. MH as class, so hope there aren't too many soccer mums there with there audi q7.
  16. How did he get in the wheel?
  17. Maybe because the 777w has the latest upgrades on such a high key route?
  18. Excellent another rare type flying the 310, in kl there is 300,310,742,747sp,741,743 etc.. Probaly KLIA is going to get alot more avation enthusiastS.
  19. What's the difference between trade and public?
  20. I think they will go for the 777f than the 330 as it won't require a stop. But it would be better to see a 748 in MH colours.
  21. Why does Amercian Airlines have to do they already have too many higher priorites than to kill MH plans. D7 would also have BI,EK,QF,NZ,PB,DJ, D7 competing as do remember alot of pax on the current D7 flights come from BNE so D7 will compete with these other airlines.
  22. Yes it can be used at higher altitudes but only as an emergancy as its back up power Is the trick dump and burn
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