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  1. Why's there a Mazda 3 on its left
  2. 80 euros AF could be killing the others on the trip across the channel
  3. I would quote name='Y. J. Foo' date='28 April 2010 - 05:50 PM' timestamp='1272448209' post='254819'] Speaking of North Korea, anyone ever thought of going there?
  4. Very Sad 9V-SRE was the first and only 777er I ever took very sad At least its going to an airline that will look after it.
  5. Just like Jeremy Clarkson's Maserati http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWuCIuhdMPk
  6. It was unsuccessful as there was over capacity
  7. The point is the names sound so similar.
  8. Very at first I thought it was a Uk airline because of silver jet.
  9. I'm not suprised as there are too many 330's because they do have a lazy 747 fleet and the 737 is taking over some routes.
  10. If only SAS do one which also would be better, but nice to see a Thai retro jet.
  11. It should be said the child does a better job than the adult
  12. So Bne has industrial area all around it except the sea, I don't see the athourties complaining about mass killings if there was a crash.
  13. Just curious why emergency stop in SIN when KUL was closer. The PEN-KUL does not go past SIN
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