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  1. A reduction of mavcom expenses is enough to pay for caam's shortfall. Some in the chain of command were arrogant.
  2. "The CAAM chief executive officer has tendered his resignation on the Nov 1 and in the interim, an executive committee of the board has been established to oversee the operations of CAAM. https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/499462
  3. Mavcom is an extended arm of gomen and "the chairman is reported directly to PM", what independent?
  4. T1 pax subsidize T2? this is something new. If klia2 gateway is detached from T2, T2 is no more comfortable than T1 MTB.
  5. To turn around MH need to endure a few years more losses and cost about USD 2 billions. Not easy to convince any sensible airline/CEO to consider unless gomen subsidize substantially or Softbank is a backer.
  6. Even with 3 runways in operation, it is common for MH 9am bank of departure to queue for 20 minutes to take off.
  7. The results of poacher also a gamekeeper.
  8. Unless gomen is willing to subsidize forever, RAS could either terminated or need to change to reduce losses. Believe commuters understand and would accept re-schedule due to weather. There are reasons to keep fixed deposits isolated.
  9. For maswings to stop losing money, the gomen should replace atr-72 with smaller aircraft, ras to operate by single engine single pilot turboprop.
  10. The fewer and smaller gomen agencies the better for taxpayers.
  11. Few if any vvip would notice ict or back office upgrade, hence budget is almost always not available. However, if the project could rise the management profile or please some vvip, for certain budget is available.
  12. The facts remain MH is losing a few hundred millions RM every year in this few years and there is no end in sight.
  13. To turn around MH need to re-fleet and re-fleet take about 3 years, and who is going to bare the losses of about RM 3bn for this interim 3 years? If ceo of lion air is involve in black money, boeing and u.s banks wouldn't have deal with him. MH need not limit to BKK, SIN and CGK alone, KNO, HKT, HDY, BTJ, PKU, BWN, KBV, etc are source of pax. If MAHB is efficiency, these regional could arrive KUL just before 8am. However, if market dictate, MH could shift bank of departure to 1000 hour for a more friendly departure time. LH, KL, BA have their layover regional to arrive FRA, AMS and LHR at about 0900 hour. MH like many Malaysians tend to place the cart in front of the horse. If the route is financially feasible, extra cost on layover, parking fees would be taken care of. A reason why FSC like LH, KL, BA and AF are still surviving.
  14. Most countries need cheap foreign workers to keep the economy buzzing e.g US, UK, Germany, Saudi, Dubai, SG, etc. If MH intend to attract business travelers from neighbouring countries, they should have layover within 2 hours flight time from KUL, so these pax could connect to MH 9am bank of regional flights. The main issue with local workforce is poor productivity and unwilling to learn new skill. Believe there are enough business travellers ex-KUL to keep MH profitable. Unfortunately, MH has yet to understand their needs and how to keep them happy. Airlines business is like hospitality business. Low season is more critical than peak season. Everyone could make a killing during peak season. But whether the business could be profitable for the WHOLE year depends on low season performance. It seems MH management is still don't realize and don't have solution.
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