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  1. Either plan a or b, creditors will loss and the management remain unchanged. old wine in new bottle.
  2. China’s aviation regulator is recommending cabin crew on charter flights to high-risk Covid-19 destinations wear disposable diapers and avoid using the bathroom to reduce the risk of infection. The advice comes in a 38-page list of guidelines for airlines to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The sixth edition echoes similar instructions in previous, less lengthy versions. The Civil Aviation Administration of China said the recommendation applies for charter flights to and from countries and regions where infections exceed 500 in every one million people. The diaper advice is in a section on personal protective equipment, which also recommends the following for cabin crew: Medical protective masks Double-layer disposable medical rubber gloves Goggles Disposable caps Disposable protective clothing Disposable shoe covers Flight crew should wear masks and goggles, but they don’t need diapers. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-12-10/cabin-crew-told-to-wear-diapers-on-risky-covid-flights
  3. Saudi airlines will face same weight limit.
  4. 744, 77w and a380 could refuel at sin or kul.
  5. As haj umrah is seasonal, wet lease 773, 744, A380 is an option.
  6. KUALA LUMPUR -- Low-cost carrier AirAsia said it has halved its fixed costs and is exploring its options to raise working and operating capital, including selling spare aircraft engines, as the airline continues to struggle because of travel bans imposed in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand -- three of its core markets. The airline's sales fell 86% to 442.9 million ringgit ($108 million) for the third quarter ended Sept. 30, compared with 3.07 billion ringgit in the corresponding quarter last year. Its net loss widened to 851.78 million ringgit from 51.4 million ringgit previously. The third-quarter performance brings the airline's year-to-date sales down to 2.87 billion ringgit from 9.07 billion ringgit over the same period of the previous year. It has recorded a net loss of 2.66 billion ringgit for the cumulative nine-month period. https://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Transportation/AirAsia-seeks-sources-of-cash-as-net-loss-widens Unless major shareholders like tf subscribed to right issue, not many banks will extend substantial loan to aagb.
  7. KUALA LUMPUR -- Malaysia's finance minister has sent a strong signal that Malaysia Airlines will benefit from state financial support to ensure its survival, as talks continue over a possible debt restructuring to salvage the national flag carrier. Tengku Zafrul Abdul Aziz told Nikkei Asia that MAS' sole shareholder Khazanah Nasional -- a state wealth fund wholly-owned by the government -- has been told to put the airline in a "position of strength" to support the domestic economy after the COVID-19 pandemic. "The Ministry of Finance has spoken to Khazanah and asked them to ensure that MAS continues to be in the position of strength to support the economy when it recovers," said Tengku Zafrul, an ex-banker who was appointed in March. https://asia.nikkei.com/Editor-s-Picks/Interview/Malaysia-Airlines-will-overcome-crisis-finance-minister-says Funding is guaranteed. old wine in new bottle.
  8. It is unworthy and waste of resources to prolong zombie company.
  9. D7 business model is unsustainable, liquidation is the only sensible business and financial solution.
  10. "Our partners and creditors will have to sacrifice for the better of the future," Izham Ismail, group CEO of Malaysia Airlines, told The Edge Malaysia newspaper in mid-October. "If they don't want to help themselves to survive, I have no choice but shut it down." Malaysia Airlines revealed that it entered into debt restructuring negotiations with creditors in early October. The airline called on leasing companies and suppliers to cooperate with the turnaround effort. If the creditors had agreed, the restructuring would have been completed within the next few months, according to Malaysia Airlines' plan. https://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Transportation/Malaysia-Airlines-and-AirAsia-once-contrasting-now-face-same-crisis Not every creditor could take such arrogant attitude from debtor.
  11. In this unprecedented industry crisis, British Airways’ owner IAG SA still managed to land almost $1 billion by selling points to American Express Co., while others including Delta Air Lines Inc. and United Airlines Holdings Inc. laid down their programs as security against billions of dollars of loans and bonds. Some airlines are making more income from loyalty than flying, a handy lifeline when global air travel has been sliced in half. Qantas Airways Ltd.’s membership division was the airline’s biggest source of earnings in the year ended June. The Australian carrier expects the unit to make as much as A$600 million ($430 million) in profit by June 2024, almost double the current figure. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-10-18/best-time-to-find-air-mile-deals-is-when-flights-are-grounded A reason why mh is unprofitable.
  12. Understand rmn took delivery of 6 boeing scaneagle last may. ideally, 2 units are on duty 24/7.
  13. As said many times, D7 business model with a333 is basically not sustainable.
  14. In this country, with gomen contract in hand and strong cable, one could outsource while setting up a airline and obtain finance. shafie apdal was too focus on his tribe and neglected the rest, and deserved to be ousted. due to historical and cultural connection, sabah east coast border is porous. unless shoot to kill curfew is enforced, undocumented immigrant is almost impossible to stop. a reason why mindef is poorly funded is due to previous excessive procurement. pan borneo highway contract was a shambles from bn regime and didn't improve under pr gomen. taxpayers will eventually need to pay for gomen borrowing and handouts. believe our economy will continue to fall behind our neighbours.
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