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  1. KUL is already pretty well connected to the world via BKK, SIN, HKG, DXB, DOH, AUH, LHR, NRT, ICN, CAN and AMS. Incentive to airlines (e.g LH, QF, NZ, AF, etc) need not insist non-stop to/from EU or AUS, extension from SIN or BKK is affordable and feasible. This 3 years incentive is to incubate demand for foreign airlines. Hopefully, after incentive, they could continue via SIN/BKK or non-stop to their hub.
  2. Medevac, special cargo are mostly intra state, Maswings should be sufficient to cater, MAS 738 is a luxury. Mentioned previously, Maswings could operate a mix fleet with smaller 30-50 pax aircraft to cater for low load. Subsidizing regional like maswings is many times cheaper than MAS. There is always 101 reasons not to change but there are alternative solution. MAS business model remain largely unchanged since 1990's, is proven financially not feasible and unsustainable. If we don't change or adapt, resources is wasted and not better utilized.
  3. Believe it is more cost effective and beneficial for gomen to relocate resources spent on MH to upgrade and maintain hospital facilities in KCH and BKI, and supplement with contract or chartered PC-12 or King Air air ambulance . Not that foreign airlines won't serve BKI-SDK or BKI-KCH, it is just not permitted. Believe MI, TR, KA would be happy to ply SIN-BKI-SDK, SIN-KCH-BKI, HKG-BKI-KCH, HKG-BKI-SDK. If MI or KA is allowed to set up a regional hub at BKI and KCH, could base or contract a few regional jet to feed BKI-HKG, BKI-SIN, KCH-SIN like LH/EN in Italy. Inter city road in Sabah and Sarawak has been neglected on purpose for many years. by keeping the people poor and rely on gomen handout, those in power could demand their votes.
  4. How many medevec flights needed each year? How much would it cost if is to charter or contract air ambulance? Would RM80m in 2019 be enough? MAHB is already offer incentive to attract airlines to serve KUL. To encourage competition and suppressed airfare, gomen could spend more to attract more foreign airlines to serve KUL. Without MH, ticket price to US and EU is not more expensive than previously. The curtailed of MH network has proved, MH is non essential, financially not feasible and the country could relocate resources to better use. New airlines doesn't start with 2 dozen narrowbody, most grow from a fleet of two. RM800m gomen spent on MH each year could start and sustain a decent size fleet. A major issue in this country is to find competent management. One solution is gomen to offer 51/49% JV with foreign airlines.
  5. If financially feasible, other will step in. MH is a failure and will continue to drain valuable resources. Taxpayers have been subsidizing MAB for RM800m p.a for last few years. Money saved for certain more than enough to contract Medevec.
  6. How often stretcher and special missions are needed? If gomen want, could make this a condition for AOC renewal. OD is a private enterprise, couldn't sustain without operation profit. It is likely, OD is paying high lease to parents company. To encourage competition, gomen could encourage and approve another aoc. If there is money to be made, for certain some will apply for AOC.
  7. MAB/MH is a zoombie company by any definition, gomen should take the opportunity to wind it up, so resources could be relocated for better use, not that OD or AK couldn't substitute MH's role.
  8. As MAS has no chance to recover in next few years, believe the country could make do wth AK and OD. If these two airlines become duopoly and expensive, gomen could always issue new AOC.
  9. It is a matter of when not if local hospitals will run out of ventilator for critical patients. Current 2 weeks soft lock down won't eradicate covid 19 from the country; believe lock down could be extended or reimposed later. without gomen assistance, many airlines won't survive. believe central banks like fed may purchase bonds issued by airlines or gomen could compensate airlines for flights cancellation during lock down.
  10. For international chain hotel, they have specifications for everything e.g towels, bed sheet, mattress, etc. As I am not JW or Shangri-la regular, can't comment. Due to competition from Tesla, Chinese, etc many innovation were pushed into production before thorough testing is completed. Hence, many problems occurred. Capitalism is driven by greed. Many GLC board members hardly speak or relevant, will support whatever the chairman proposed.
  11. Like many business, some airlines accept lower profit margin/price, some insist higher profit margin/price; It is up to consumers to decide. I trust none of us wanted to pay KUL-BKI more than KUL-BKK before LCC existence. From day one, LCC ticket is known to be restricted and expensive to change. I experienced a FSC charge more than return flights ticket for a sector date change. In free market, one could ditch poor quality car and don't have to put up with almost always faulty automatic window. Some hotels and most airbnb use cheap materials in the name of environment. But established hotels tend to choose higher quality and more long lasting products. However, there is a trend to reduce and remove single use plastic in hotel trade. Many consumers forgo quality for cheaper price. Hence, cheaper products volume is higher than better quality and higher price products.
  12. If professionals couldn't get it right, could gomen servants fare better? for years, mab and glc board of directors were filled with gomen servants.
  13. 3 months no-pay leave or 5 days of no pay leave per month is more than 10% pay cut.
  14. Low hanging fruit is easiest to pick. EY pax is served RM4.50 meal box is by no accident.
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