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  1. If petronas is sanctioned by the u.s, most if not all international bank and mnc will not conduct business with it.
  2. For domestic sector, there shouldn't need regulatory approval. the more regulatory, the more corruption and the higher cost.
  3. No wonder LH 350 was at satellite remote bay at about 20:20hr just now.
  4. This route is mainly cater for Korean escaping freezing winter.
  5. Mavcom was created for ex-politicians and cronies to draw fat salaries.
  6. Like many businesses, airlines benefit from economies of scale and the 'real money' is not in operating profit but stock market.
  7. Aerotrain is a scaled down lrt or mrt train set. Technology and suppliers are well established. Noise in airside is almost irrelevant to environment.
  8. Due to low disposable income, most people in this country choose price over quality except luxury or show off items.
  9. Shuttle bus between MTB and satellite terminal leave in pairs. It seems the first bus is reserved for airport staffs and often half full while the second bus is packed with pax.
  10. Given the background of controlling shareholders; their business model is unusual, don't have resources to raise funds from institutions and conventionally.
  11. Many under estimated hurdle, magnitude and duration of negative cashflow before the operation cashflow is positive. Fundraising is very limited in this industry and in this country. Controlling shareholders need ocean deep pocket to sustain.
  12. Likewise, mas was losing about rm 800m per year for decades and was supported by sugar daddy.
  13. Visited mh lounge at kul recently, foods offering is significantly better than before.
  14. Board appointed consultant is awared of the management incompetency; whether action will be taken against these few or the top management will rectify e.g transfer is different matter.
  15. According to rumour mill; the board appointed third party to investigate the management, reached out to lower management level, etc.
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