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  1. Mean mas has given up on business turnaround plan, is lacking strategic plan and will remain at current status for foreseeable future.
  2. Without a realistic strategic business plan, mh is neither here nor there, wanted to compete with lcc but opex is too high, wanted to be a fsc but service level and product is like lcc, is lost in the wilderness, become irrelevant.
  3. mh or kul couldn't add much value to qr network, doubt Akbar Al Baker would even consider.
  4. QR does advised kul-doh sector is operate by mh. MOT and PMO is not known to be business savvy; to follow their directive is almost certain to end in losses. type of aircraft deployed is operational, for mot to get involved could only end with bad result, also means mab management is spineless. Aircraft delivery take a few years. without a feasible strategic plan, mh couldn't ensure long term survival.. heard from a few friends; it seems mh has been cancelling low load flight and combined pax to improve load, also means mh is not dependable. those pax with tight schedule is not advisable and unlikely to book with mh.
  5. History proved, D7 business model is unprofitable, make sense to hide under AK. To improve yield, it make sense to mix a321xlr with a330.
  6. Believe most pax on these flights would be on qr ticket, to allow qr to reassign their aircraft to other routes.
  7. It seems mab is still largely dictated by the government, don't have strategic plan or realistic business model.
  8. Granted aoc is probably the easiest and least costly task. many under estimated amount of cash needed to sustain the operation before cash flow positive.
  9. Believe mas incurred less losses in the last two years than before.
  10. Almost anyone with cable and deep pocket could obtain aoc in cambodia. those chinese funded or controlled cambodian airlines was intended to bring gamblers and investors from prc to sihanoukville. it may be relatively easy to obtain aoc but operating environment is a different story.
  11. d7 current business model of operating a333 only is not feasible. for d7 to sustain, a change of business model is essential.
  12. Without sharing network planning, it is difficult to judge whether 'cash flow positive in october 2023' is realistic or not. if previous attitude remain, mas will need ltbt x.0. rm3.6 billion is sufficient to start a new airlines and have a better chance to success.
  13. Either plan a or b, creditors will loss and the management remain unchanged. old wine in new bottle.
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