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  1. Due to services provided, MH's RASK could only be low and due to less fuel efficient aircraft e.g A333, MH CASK is higher; basically, MH is not in a proposition to be profitable. On occasions, tried to have date change on Y and J class, change fees on one sector is more expensive than buying new return ticket. Can't understand how they manage yield.
  2. Went to T1 to pick up a pax recently. Find the MAHB traffic management at arrival lanes fascinating and it said a lot of MAHB management competency.
  3. Though MH was reported had lossed about RM 800m p.a in last few years? This report could mean some recent losses is buried somewhere or deferred. Unless the gomen is to bare a portion of or full losses for next few years, doubt any business minded person (e.g D7, AF/KL, JL, TK, QR, etc) would even touch MH with a pole.
  4. https://www.edgeprop.my/content/1634675/malaysians-not-happy-about-uk-journalists-nasi-lemak-experience Looks like from Sats/Brahim catering.
  5. MoT should remove top 2 layers of MAHB management and replaced with experienced foreign airport operator/team.
  6. ETA 1am and 2am is understandable for holiday chartered flight or timed for short transit but not otherwise. by default, yield on these flights could not be high.
  7. MAB high CASK was cast in stone when they ordered A333 instead of A350 or 787 a few years ago. On my recent trip SQ and TG 380 to FRA and KIX, ticket price was significantly cheaper than ME3 and MH/CX/VN respectively, and were full flight. On MAB RASK, it is a matter of managing pax expectation. Believe MAB still lack business sense and lost touch with basic. On one occasion, a change of date on a 2 hours EY flight would cost higher than buying a J class ticket.
  8. A yardstick on MAHB CEO performance will be the security check at boarding gate.
  9. He survived longer than expected; more skeleton will be out from cupboard.
  10. Believe they only planned for peak season and neglected about off peak season.
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