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  1. 中新网吉隆坡4月11日电 (记者 陈悦)马来西亚航空公司峇迪航空11日发声明称,该公司在本月9日调查一航班旅客遗失物品时,是根据“标准安全协议”行事,“未针对特定国籍”。 峇迪航空在声明中称,该公司9日从迪拜飞往吉隆坡的OD714航班上,有乘客称遗失重要物品。当飞机降落在吉隆坡国际机场后,机组即联系机场辅警前来协助。 峇迪航空称,辅警随后“对所有乘客进行了搜查”,并由机组成员在遗失物品旅客座位隐蔽处找到了丢失的信用卡。声明未逐项回答视频中提出的所有质疑,但称将保持警觉,确保旅客旅行安全舒适。 声明还指,此次遗失物品事件牵出一起“案中案”。信用卡找到后却被发现并不属于报失乘客所有。目前,马来西亚警方已扣押该名报失乘客做进一步调查。 https://baijiahao.baidu.com/s?id=1796047418579721474 It seems MAS took the blame in PRC social media for cash missing in Batik Air flight incident.
  2. Many online travel agents give higher volume/sales and wider market reach to EK than Mas; Mas price couldn't be competitive. Besides MYS domestic destinations, mas brought little to the table for EK. Airlines alliance meant to take advantage of partners' network. Whether Mueller was in charge or not at that time, mas was to shrink its European network and Kangaroo route, and still have no plan to rebuild. Also at that time, EK was the only airlines willing to work/partner with MH.
  3. Had mas ordered A350/787 instead of A330 ceo previously, most if not all of current widebodies would be A350/787. current mas management don't seem to plan over 5 years horizon.
  4. If automation could replace labour in manufacturing, MNC need not set up shops in the 3rd world countries. By moving up the value chain, service industry will still need cheap labours. Cheap labour cost is the key to keep inflation rate low and living cost affordable. That's why US, UK, EU, ME, sg, etc have many migrant workers. As a employer, I find most locals are complacent with their works and pay, unwilling to learn new skill or responsibility; it forced us to employ foreign professional. Replace A330 ceo with A330 neo is like replace DC-10-30 with MD-11. Like MD-11, A330 neo may retire earlier than planned.
  5. HND Passenger Service Facilities Charge is JPY2,950 about RM93. https://tokyo-haneda.com/site_resource/flight/pdf/psfc_int_en.pdf
  6. Regional jet is idea for SZB. To protect KUL, gomen insisted turboprop for SZB.
  7. Manchester United and Malaysia Airlines have announced a multi-year partnership which will see the award-winning airline become the club’s official commercial airline. As an established and respected name in global aviation, Malaysia Airlines prides itself on representing Malaysia and providing best-in-class customised experiences for its passengers, reflecting the Malaysian culture of a welcoming and hospitable service. The partnership was announced by Malaysia Airlines’ Group Managing Director of Malaysia Aviation Group, Izham Ismail, at a major industry trade fair in Kuala Lumpur. To celebrate the announcement, former Manchester United defenders Patrice Evra and Wes Brown flew to Kuala Lumpur to attend the event, to share their experiences of travelling the world as both players and ambassadors for the club. https://www.manutd.com/en/news/detail/man-utd-announce-partnership-with-malaysia-airlines Guess a number of mas top management and bod are man u ardent fans.
  8. Mas has a record of over promised and under delivered. Whether could sustain is another matter.
  9. Don't think anyone is proud or happy with how bus queue is organised at satellite terminal.
  10. PRC and Korean tourists to BKI are mostly holiday makers and seasonal. PRC airlines often use redeye flight to test the market/route. If load is justified, they may move to day time.
  11. PSC is a source of income for MAHB and MAHB doesn't depend solely on PSC. PSC at sin is higher but few pax complaint it is expensive because most are happy with their experience. MAHB management is still in rent seeker mentality, don't understand what frequent travellers want. Given most pax profile, not sure how feasible are Jamie Oliver and Hard Rock cafe restaurant at T1.
  12. City airports catered mostly for business travellers, who are willing to pay premium for shorter travelling time to city or home e.g ticket price to HND, LCY, SHA, etc is generally higher. To protect KUL volume and placing the cart in front of the horse, turboprop is deployed in SZB. What business travellers look for is frequency. If 50 to 70 pax regional jets is deployed, SZB O&D volume to SIN, PEN, BKI, KCH, KBR, CGK, BKK, etc could be higher than KUL.
  13. TR regional jets will likely developed to feed SQ connection to/from Australia, EU, etc like AF, LH, KL in EUR. Once TR reached this stage, MH could forget to return to EUR outside LHR, and will be hammered on AUS routes.
  14. Mahb is maximizing revenue rather than giving public service e.g charging grab driver.
  15. This is a major issue for the landlord to compete with tenants; landlord could choose the best location for itself. Due to monopoly mentality, service, choice and price is often not the best.
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