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  1. But at least they will know in advance say how many Meal A, how many Meal B etc to be prepared and loaded up. Hence, potentially reducing wastage?
  2. And if they do not honour, will they just refund your payment? Will they only notify you at the very last minute that the booking will be dishonoured?
  3. Darwin has been on my list to strike off. Been eyeing the JQ SGD98 deals. When is a good time to visit DRW?
  4. Talk about charging RM1,109 return for SIN - IPH for CNY next year - the power of monopoly. I could go further on one of MH's really good deals.
  5. What's more bizarre is this paragraph: "MIDF Research aviation analyst Chua Boon Kian believes that Malindo Air is likely to operate turboprops out of the Skypark Terminal as the terminal is unable to support bigger jet operations and take off of larger aircraft due to its short runway" SZB used to cater to tonnes of widebodies when it was the main entry point to KL, a case of factual inaccuracy on the short runway.
  6. But that is just for D7 though not AK. Malaysians that are based at destinations that D7 flies to would probably all qualify for postal voting.
  7. I hope we won't have shattering glasses, collapsing bridges (be it road or aero), leaking roofs (or worse, collapsing) etc in order to make it in time for the aggressive deadline.
  8. Seems like MH paying D7? Unless I read it wrongly.
  9. Cash Flow Hedging losses amounted to RM77mil. Did they sold any aircraft off? There's a net gain of approx RM9mil from disposal. Catering expenses paid to LSG SkyChefs Brahim increased to approx RM68mil for the Qtr as compared to RM55mil for Q2 2011. RM 1.8mil paid for QPR Sponsorship. RM9.6mil paid for AirAsia X Re-accommodation Agreement
  10. I see that you've done some publicity for QF here It is very impressive indeed.
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