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  1. Yep! This was taken at PEN in October 2010. It was never opened. Now no more.
  2. My back is itchy by just looking at that first class seat... Does gunny sack rings a bell?
  3. I still don't get the point why must bring her home unfinished for a "full dress rehearsal" then fly her back to TLS for 'finishing touches'.
  4. Good coverage, Tarmizi... hope FY would continue plying the sector forever.
  5. we already have daily PEN-BKI which to my opinion full to the brim all the time and PEN-KCH increased to 2xdaily now.. KBR-BKI errr... that's why only 2x week. trial period maybe...
  6. I never thought that KBR has no refuel capability. Good to know... thanks. I hope we can see KBR-BKK materialised
  7. Passenger video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXWj1_Gd5zE also linked in AVHerald
  8. Raymund, I meant PEN the airport.... used to be working there. Now at Jetty. BUT, considering the haywire condition there now (the major renovation), I missed it a little less.
  9. Look what I've found.... PEN-HKT No idea when it is going to start. My queries to Penang Airport unfruitful as they also have no idea about this. A call to AirAsia selfhelp menu? Might as well forget about it. Anyone know about this? Ramani?
  10. CargoLux scratched PEN from it's schedule many years ago.
  11. Lagi Kesian la like that....
  12. Thanks for the GREAT news Yong! So it's every Friday?
  13. Hi Daniel, 17th and 18th is on my working day. And my work place is no longer at the airport but at the Swettenham Pier now. As much as I would like to take you the those places for spotting, but I'm terribly sorry that I unable to accompany you during your spotting 'excursion'. My off-day is now fixed on Saturdays and Sundays.
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