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  1. Last B747 passenger flight tonight, from KL at least 28 Feb 2013? MH123 KL to Sydney
  2. Tried to make a credit card payment for a flight from Malaysia for 2013. Both MHbuddy and MHmobile could not process the transaction, checked my bank account and the fare was deducted and deposited at the same time, bank personnel I was speaking to on the phone did not know why either. I did not use malaysiaairlines.com because I was quoted a different, and much higher fare and given the new booking system, I'd rather give it some time to clear any new bugs. I'm suspecting the payment couldn't go through because it was an Australian issued credit card and the flight is booked in Malaysia and in MYR. Sounds ridiculous but I could not think of any other reason.
  3. The business class offers seems to have ceased despite advertising the sale until 5 November Any idea how i can get the sale ticket price before this revamped booking engine fired up?
  4. With Qantas announcing a review of their loss-making international arm, some speculate a reduction in international routes so it's possible that the flying kangaroo will not be making a return to KUL sooner than expected, but instead would slap on a QFXXXX flight number on existing MH routes in and out of Australia. Link to Australian Business Traveller and The Australian: http://www.ausbt.com.au/qantas-tipped-to-axe-international-routes-increase-reliance-on-jetstar-and-oneworld-partners http://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/aviation/qantas-underlying-profit-to-rise-at-least-33pc-as-reaches-deal-on-rolls-royce-a380-engine/story-e6frg95x-1226079871775
  5. Do i somehow sense some alleged parties trying to make AirAsia focus on Africa to take their mind off highly sought after routes like SYD?
  6. There may be others and I don't know if it has been mentioned, but the new J seats are not similar, but identical to the J seats on Finnair widebodies. Anyone know how long AY have had the seats?
  7. My first impression of reading the news was 'LOL' Qantas is in such a mess they really need to get things together and stop bitchin' and moanin' and complainin'
  8. Perhaps the Business Class on the A380 is similar to the ones on the B772ER, hence for a A380 flight from SYD to LHR via KUL premium customers are indeed getting product consistency if in the end the A380s do not come to SYD and B772ER takes over MH122/3 That sounds like something MH would do IMHO.
  9. Thanks chookyan. The package with hotel and city tours etc... would they only be available for bookings through CX's website. I plan to book my ticket from an online travel agent , they somehow seem to give better prices from CX or MH's websites. oops, I meant it's cheaper to book through online travel sites RATHER than from CX or MH's booking engines
  10. Hey folks, I have never taken MH on routes besides those to and from Australia. Come January I will be going to Hong Kong and am deciding between MH B772 or CX A333. I have never flown CX. Thoughts and suggestions greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  11. HAHAHAH!!! Wonder what is making them laugh when the photo is taken... MH stewardesses should not L.O.L but learn to utter a charming and poise smile
  12. Jason, I am very well aware of the curfew and other operations at SYD as I am a local here. But MH being (or wanting to be) a key player on the Kangaroo Route a better connecting time should be planned. They are pretty much throwing cash at their competitors. If you were taking KUL as a transit and could not make the afternoon MH122 service, would you rather arrive at KLIA at 3am and wait, and wait and wait...? As I am concerned no flights depart KUL circa 3am. Well isn't criticism vital for improvement? But my aim is not to criticise, if MH markets SYD as one of their premier destinations, their current performance on the sector is quite underwhelming. I can obviously see why there have been claims that they are forbidding other carriers to fly the route, i am not saying they are. But one day D7 will definitely be granted access and it would be interesting to see what happens. Besides even if I were to fly everyday KUL-SYD, MH would not be my first choice. Honestly I am quite upset, MH don't seem to be getting their act together when competitors in the region have been gaining momentum in the industry. MH seem to be all worked up against AK, when in actual fact should not be the case because MH is not an LCC, they should play with the big boys and focus on their premium product and market. Let FY play with AK. Thanks KKLee, you've said what I meant in my original post. Obviously you are one of those that can think and don't blindly get all defensive when there is criticism forwarded to MH. Monopoly by MH, consumers are the ones disadvantaged. Like back in the days when only MH flew on domestic sectors, since then fares have been slashed considerably. The same thing should happen to international routes. You're not alone, smart move infact I must say. Who would want to pay top dollar for 1990's inflight product when a certain rival down south, offers high frequency with the latest cabin offerings that even other airlines talk about
  13. Government? MH? or D7 itself? Apparently D7 already had all the right equipment and Sydney Airport had already allocated slots and was expecting the arrival of D7, but that all went down the drain. Who is to blame for D7 not having access to fly KUL-SYD? With D7 flying into SYD there would be a greater presence of Malaysian carriers into SYD compared to the sole national flag carrier that can hardly fly double daily plus terrible flight times (MH140 eff 31OCT10) It sickens me to think that MH is blocking D7 from flying into SYD, shame on MH if that really is the case.
  14. MH is probably too busy competing with the adolescent kid (AK) and not with the fully grown sophisticated young lad (SQ). What a shame, MH really should compete with its own league and leave AK alone but that won't be happening anytime too soon I guess.
  15. Could it be that SYD has no more morning departure slots hence MH140 have to depart right away once MH141 arrives, ergo the unavoidable 3am arrival at KUL.
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