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  1. orite...i'll be joining you... tomorrow i have flight Bintulu--KL... sufri wait for my new joystick..
  2. hey ..edwin ..nice airview of bintulu just arrived in bintulu...nx time take a closer shot of MLNG...i work there..tomorrow sailing
  3. erhh...very nice catch..like the last oic,MAS fly over the resident area...woaaahh
  4. em ...my past flights were also with 9M-AEB,every time i fly Ak,they will send this oldy ... this a/c works soo hard i think
  5. Bro Azman,how long the winter will be lasted?is it still winter by the end of Jan??? My father and I @maybe my brother will be heading to ZRH this Jan...still arguing with my adik who will go to ZRH..cilaka! btw,cool shots ...
  6. tigo= 3 sa mah= RM0.50 tigo sa mah = RM1.50...hehe p/s:H.Azmal..i know how to pronounce 'mempelam' in kelantan dialeg..
  7. erhhhhh...i supposed to stop 4 spotting at the lake side..but sadly my dad was rushing to KL..alamak ..maybe next time..
  8. yaa..it happened to me last night,i can say the flight was ok until the a/c approached wmkc...wooo..bumpy2...everythg was shaken...i could only see the airport on final...
  9. hey Chaity,i was at the airport on 23rd..i spoted a man with his cam near the lake..n his blue Honda City...is it you?? btw..i catched hibiscus during takeoff..n Mr.Heliconia...wut a happy day
  10. kikiki..wut a joke,is it at WMKC? i'm going to check it out tomorrow moring..
  11. ahh..superb ...eh guys if not mistake,AK's 9M-AFA has reached 1 year old already by this month...should we celebrate her bday?
  12. Oh oh, I've just purchased an Air Asia ticket.... oh,hampeh...same goes to me..hope it wont happen again that day..
  13. thanks for sharing lovely pics of my home bro Ewan...it has been long time since a last went there...is the airport runway under extention?i heard this news lately...Cpt Radzi?anyone?
  14. yo Ruben...me also do aply for MAS cadet pilot after SPM...n i was called for psicomotor test on 22 Jun 2006...but i didnt attend da test...hehe..so stupid..
  15. wahh Sam...i really enjoy BKI spotting... n the rest of BKI spotter..keep on snapping ...
  16. bro Azahan where r u?we need your help (urgent)... her girlfriend ka?
  17. thanks Faizul.. AK stewardess look unhappy...why ar?
  18. muahahaha...u guys r so hilarious... the 707-300 classic looks like a rally car...+ palm trees as backdrop..malaysian rally version
  19. i think it is B767 by tail cone and maybe the engines ..
  20. muaaa...bro Raj thanks for giving us nice shot from AKL.. uihh...B727 Transmile fly so far arr...how many pitstop she has to make from Malaysia 2 AKL,anyone know?
  21. i would let all them stay in MAS... it hav gave MAS lot of contribution
  22. haha Sam...well done on ur spotting...me here in KB got one type of a/c only=B737... ...n also not forget new friends...Piper Warrior
  23. great Cpt.Radzi...i saw this plane b4 when i did some 'lepak' at the airport with my aviation-fan friends...n had KFC for luch that day,hehe i noticed there are smtg suspicuos at the end of rnw 10...hohoho...its ILS if i'm not mistake,i'm now very proud of WMKC...kua2 few day past...i saw 2 light aircraft doing low flight at the same time...maybe da training aircraft...n now the a/c also do fly near my 'kampung' airspace... my uncle said Asian Pacific school is ethier belong to Dato' Farouk or his brother n bla bla...got any info abt this people?
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