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  1. Dante, Noticed there aren't any plans for 330, F50 and Otter replacements in your crystal ball preview. Will certainly bring forth much cheer to certain quarters amongst us ! Oh heck - forgot that the F50 and Otters are not being replaced by anything in MH's fleet anyway
  2. Sigh ! If only we had the air traffic of BKK here at BKI minus the (road) traffic jams of BKK
  3. At BKK actually ! Keep all these oldies coming along please
  4. Yeah, I too was quite perplexed as to what he meant. I thought modern aircraft have some system to redistribute fuel amongst the various tanks so as to achieve balanced weight distribution ?
  5. By inference, do they mean if there had been no delay to the 380, there would be no maintenance and training costs incurred ?! It looks like more and more parties are trying to get involved with MH's show
  6. Goodness - no wonder MH didn't score particularly well in recent Skytrax survey !
  7. SV, Just noticed your signature line, you're not supposed to be here !! (cikgu - ponteng !)
  8. SV, Official term may be "maruah negara" - in the Queen's English, it's probably "one-up-manship" ! As for financing, not a problem for MH in the past when it comes to national interests, why should anything be different now ?! It was just revealed by a very prominent doctor recently that both Petronas and EPF (KWSP) have got tons of billions lying around, likened to "hiding money under one's pillow" ! If I'm a Boeing salesman, I'll go knocking on Mr Jala's door ASAP - sure get deal one. Memo from Kementerian of National Pride instructing purchase of said aircraft (maybe plus a handful of 748's too ?)probably already on MH MD's table !
  9. OK, we can now look forward to an imminent order for at least 21 Dreamliners by MH - likely before SQ's official announcement !
  10. Imran, You left out (7) the briyani
  11. I cannot see BKI/MYY vv in their schedule - can it possibly be true ?!! Plus, I believe the city pairing is non-trunk for MH. I do hope this is an oversight due to having to rush the schedule out. Otherwise, it would be a major 'oversight' indeed !
  12. Here the real beauty of our on-site observation hill becomes apparent !! It was a good feeling wasn't it !!
  13. So simple, Emperor = Jonathan Kong King = Elvis Presley
  14. Yep, read somewhere that the Emperor is fulfilling some promise he made previously, to visit Ipoh. I hope he had a chance to sample the taugeh chicken !!
  15. Ah, I see the doctrines of matrimonial bliss (subjective as it may be!) starting to tighten its stanglehold already
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