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  1. Thx for sharing! Nice colourful Saab! YPAD isn't the most interesting airport in Australia, but it still has some nice (mainly small) stuff to offer! Also saw the Metroliner? And some Cobham or Tasman Express 146s?
  2. Will put it on my calender for 2015, 10 year anniversary
  3. The most secure way to get the DC10 is booking some domestic flights in Bangladesh. Abu Dhabi is the most secure foreign destination to fly to/from on Biman
  4. Excellent pics of the former Dutch workhorse PH-TKA Flew this frame a couple of times
  5. Interesting 757! Nice to see all the construction of the new terminal!
  6. Biman Bangladesh Airlines has a new CEO since a few months. The new CEO decided the DC-10s will be retired around August this year. Source: Biman Bangladesh Airlines on Facebook Biman set to lease two Boeing 777-200ER aircraft which are expected to join the fleet by June 2013. In Sep/Nov Biman will be receive delivery 2 more brand new Boeing 777-300ER. And last but not least in December 2013 BG set to get further 2 Boeing 777-200ERs. To sum up, by the end of2013 BG fleet will have 4 B777-200ER, 4 777-300ER, in total 8 777s. All this means, it's time to wave bye to the legendary DC-10s soon. At present Biman still has 3 airworthy DC-10s; S2-ACO, -ACP, & -ACR. Another newsreport to introduce the new Biman: http://www.thedailystar.net/beta2/news/unlike-biman/ ---- I am really happy I had 7 takeoffs in the BG DC10 in 2012 and in 2013, including a cockpit takeoff and landing from CGP to AUH this year Kind regards, Cornelis Boersma
  7. Biman got to SIN 1 time again using the DC10 (BG 084) one of the last days I think. Anyway shot her arrival on 02C? This could have been her last visit to SIN ever as Biman is set to retire the DC10s starting August this year
  8. No problem of quality of picture! You've got here at least hehe! Great catch!
  9. A place I go spotting very often (east side of the Polderbaan 18R-36L). It's called the IJweg.
  10. Thank you all! Jup some pics are from Regal ;-)
  11. Was really happy with the 74F of that airline. Too bad the ligh conditions weren't perfect, but hey! Lets face it, I've got her :-)
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