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  1. Flew out of Singapore on Weds morning for KL, and we departed from 02L. Noticed that the Jett8 parked over at Airbase.....got a new coat of paint! Andrew
  2. Username and password are changi changi But that does not give you access to post in the forums, just view Andrew
  3. Lovely shots KC, looks like there has been spots of good weather! Andrew
  4. Wonderful catches....congratulations! Better than a big Ang Bao! Andrew
  5. Wow Guys, seem like the aviation gods have been smiling down on you lately......great shots. Great job! Andrew
  6. Wonderful pictures my dear friend. I only wish I was there to photograph them. But I did get Wunala in superb light landing the other day at LAX! Andrew
  7. Beautiful Shots of the B707 KC.......I'm jealous! And that was a real blast of Red for the Kingfisher Cabin tour...wow! Keep those shots coming. Always good to keep up with what is going on in Singapore Andrew
  8. KC.....you got the Panda......well done! Andrew
  9. Hey KC, Always catching those interesting movements.......great job. You are right, the alliance specials is def. making life more interesting. I will see what I can catch at LAX!! Andrew
  10. Lovely shots.....really lovely. I will miss those type of shots / locations, but I know that we have good people remaining to photograph them! Andrew
  11. Now this is what you call a great product, with great service! My flight back from LAX on an SQ A345 Andrew
  12. Thanks Guys, Kind words..... Yes please do look me up if you are in the LA area. And I will be more than happy to post shots in the NA section! Andrew
  13. Los Angeles! To all my friends up North, it is time to make a move and go to the USA. An opportunity came up to transfer to the USA, based in Los Angeles (can you say LAX, Van Nuys, Burbank, Long Beach etc etc) and I couldn't say no. Not sure if this is the right forum to post it, but to all of the great and friendly Mwings guys, please do let me know if you are in the LA area! I will not have a chance to do any more KUL trips, but the ones that I did, and the friends that I made, will stay with me for a lifetime! Thank you and take care Andrew
  14. Hi Guys, Hope that you are all well. KC and I had a good session this morning. A nice rare (for us) Jumbo on a test flight......and an early morning regular.....but with some humidity in the air, we got a nice effect. Enjoy and keep well Andrew
  15. Hi Guys, Not quite Singapore, but I saw that KC had uploaded shots of B-LIB landing in Singapore. Well guess who got it a few hours earlier in Hong Kong departing, and I remember thinking "I wonder where the new B747-467ERF's fly to.......now I know! Enjoy! Andrew
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