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  1. Flight to LGK,KCH,BKI,KBR were cancelled today.Pax were informed via SMS at 3am today.No ground staff in sight at Rayani counter at KLIA2 today.Only left some people from management handling the frustrated pax.Looks like not just pilot strikes
  2. I am wondering that too,as you can see the centre line of the taxiway ended right before the skybridge.
  3. Some photos of KLIA2 during operational readiness and airport transfer(ORAT) trial operations this morning. Have to pass through mall area on our way to departure hall Giant FID greeted us once we arrived at departure hall Check-in area. Toilet,attractive sticker isn`t it? Airside of gate J area. I was assigned to Gate J20.Located at far end of the terminal. Internet and smoking lounge at the airside There you are J20!
  4. Tyre burst while taxiing on Echo just now
  5. On final approach,the aircraft suddenly climbing..turn here and there...flying over the airport..make a quick and sharp turn andddd..landing.. p/s:i never experience this situation before..soo..kinda excited..
  6. Yesterday the crowd at the airport was outstanding!They were there solely to greet this AK flight.hmmm whats so special. http://youtu.be/_hfj7fRn8ao
  7. Saw her just now flying back to SIN
  8. I wish I knew 9M-NAA arrival time yesterday but atleast you got it..nice!
  9. thanks for sharing Ikman Waiping,the match is tomorrow night at Shah Alam Stadium.Today they came to KBR only to meet the fans here and attend several programmes arranged by the host.Tonight they will back to KUL
  10. anyone snap it?eagerly waiting since I woke up today.lol
  11. SM Tang, Azrin ,the falcon was on flight training,and the global express has flown Royal Kelantan VVIP.Please correct me SM Tang if I got wrong
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