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  1. Where's all Mr. Pilot? More story please ...
  2. Bye bye 3 holers.... Will miss this noisy jet engine....
  3. MAS Business class PTV is to small.... http://www.jaunted.com/story/2012/3/14/71945/4298/travel/Malaysia+Airlines+Psychs+Up+for+Their+First+A380
  4. News said his name's Thagu Supramaniam.... But, I know 1 pilot name Thiagu Supramaniam... Is he?
  5. Hmmmmmm.... I know how it feel being forced to leave your job... Sad indeed...
  6. Congratulation to him and his team.!!! He is our proud.
  7. I hope neither MAS or Air Asia 'greeny' will not having this panic syndrome ... during my flight...
  8. How about new Boeing NG capt? Is it computer fly or aircraft?
  9. My friend in firefly are now in conversion to 737.. few of them actually... So, I think 737 in firefly color will be soon.. maybe before end of this year..
  10. Wowowowowoww.. What actually was happened ?
  11. No Arab chicken/Lamb Matby in the MH flight.. that's why... MH should cater Saba' restaurant, Cyberjaya for meal for this routes...
  12. Singapore is selling their 772.. Is it mean they are expanding 330 as a replacement or buying new 777 fleet? I heard that SIA are really consider about their fleet age.
  13. New Zealand PM personally request to PM Najib for AirAsia to fly to Auckland on their meeting while in Washington. Good money for AK then and cheap ticket to NZ.
  14. You are rite Sung... Agree with it... Like Aussie Air force still flying the Caribou because of well maintenance, while... RMAF already in museum..
  15. Buying 738 is a very good decision... Instead expanding/replacing the A330 fleet, I think they better thinking of 777-300 series.. Anyway MAS maybe plan this as a pre-preparation for pilot before jump into 747 replacement - the big momma 380... Also they are cheaper then boeing..
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