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  1. hi there, does anyone been to the psycometric test recently???
  2. Hi there, one of my friend told me that the whole process of the selection starting from scratch would to 10 months.Just as i heard it happens to lupjoe. he applied on the month of october or november i guess.n he manage to secure his dream to persue in KB on the month of september. So for those who applied on the month of March 06 ,most prob their final selection would be on the month of dec or jan 07 i GUESS...
  3. guess we need to play the long waiting game mate!!!!!!!!!!!11
  4. Thanks for the value reply bro Sandeep G and bro Gavin Andrew David.I am sure with your advice we will make it to the skies on day .. Are both of you pilots in mas.If u r.Do you noe when is the intake (mean final selection) for the march 06 batch? For your kind information i am now studying in johor KUITTHO.Doin degree in mechanical engineering 1st year.so i guess i have a very big puzzle in my hand to solve... regards..Ruben...
  5. Bro Sandeep G, With whole respect i am sharing my passion and my anger becouse the waiting game is killing me.and guess what this is the second time i get offered from MAS. My passion in flying is ruthless man. Jus need to noe when is whole process get done for march 06 batch.saw reply by andrew in MAS CADET PILOT topic that. september is in KB.december is in LANGKAWI.does it mean march 06 batch is scheduled on dec???
  6. hey guys, does anyone noe when is d final intake for d march 06 batch.mean after the whole selection process???
  7. Hi there everyone. I would like to create this new topic,that is for all the app,on MAS CADET PILOT march 06 batch.I would like to share my passion on aviation. I have applied for the scheme on march 06.lucky enough i got called on AUGUST 9,saying that my psycomotor test is on 10 of August 06.And again lucky enough i have passed the test.The person in charge said that u(me) have to wait for the next test (psycometric).So now does any one from batch march 06 get called for the psycometric test??...I hate VERY hate the waiting game. la..Hope every one could share your passion in here.thank you.. For your info this is my second chance in MAS cadet pilot programme.I have done the test before (last year).but unfortunately i screwed up!!! .I hope batch march 06 will called for the psycometric test soon.
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