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  1. Azahan, superb shots.... very clean aircraft..
  2. Wow.. blue plane with blue sky...
  3. Pieter in action.... DOH - FRA.
  4. Nice catch there....Capt. Radzi and Chaity... hopefully I can catch them also here in DOH..
  5. Thanks Azahan... Few more pics taken on 16th May, was there to catch Pieter but really frustrated when he arrived little bit early... Weather not so good, wind 20mph & visibility only 3 miles + sandstorm. From Shanghai. Beijing. Osaka.. Paris.. Kuala Lumpur.. Madrid.. Dammam.. London.. Delhi..
  6. Simon, nice catch. Haze weather or taken in the morning?
  7. Imran, thanks for the advice... that's why I'm prefer spotting in public area with my family, at least I have a good excuse... Here are few photos taken this morning. Bro. Fairul, these photos taken from petrol station on the way to Al-Wakra... not suitable for morning spotting because sunrise from behind of the object... perhaps I can visit your place for good spotting…
  8. wow... T7, nice catch... noticed about old petrol station on the way to Al-Wakra... I'm planning for spotting this Monday from that petrol station, hopefully I can catch QR T7 also..
  9. Take off shots. Weather was cloudy + dusty (summer is coming)....
  10. Thanks bro, but if I move backward for 30-50ft... it will on the road and that area also full with dates trees.. Thanks Chaity.. Salam to you too bro. Fairul... take off shots were taken from family park just next to the airport and landing shots from the end of the Corniche. From Wakra, I think the planes are too high.. perhaps we can meet one day for spotting. Maybe you have another good spotting location? Hi Raj... thanks... Here are another landing shots...
  11. Wind direction from SE and runway 16 became active... Bravo Juliet and Bravo Hotel return after Powerboat Class 1 race completed. Not sure from where, maybe I need a scanner...
  12. Thanks MIR, I don't have any idea about the chopper before.. Welcome Li Ren, yeah... D90.. After few questions then they let me off simply like that... I was lucky because my children with me... Thanks Yusoff, few more will come... Thanks CB..
  13. I stopped my car before under glideslope watching planes landing.. after half an hour special army came and ask me what are the reasons for that. So better try to avoid them, because many of them can't speak English...
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